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OYC Meeting Minutes – 03/05/2023

[1]: Welcome & Apologies (lead by Chair) [2]: Work Skills - 10 Forward Feedback (lead by Amanda Youlden) [3]: Ratification of Constitution (lead by Chris) [4*]: Break [5]: Youth Charter Redesign (lead by Chris) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 03/05/2023


Amanda came to the meeting to talk to us about the results to the 10 forward, and thanked us about the work that we have done, and for talking about the digital workshop.

Amanda used the information from the 10 forward to show the leaders what the current issues are, and what the current beliefs of young people are.

The past meeting in reference was on Wed 08 Mar 2023, meeting minutes:


On Wed 19 Oct 2022, Youth Councillors went through the constitution again. After confirmation from UKYP and BYC on what our MYP terms should be, we have confirmed that the MYPs and DMYPs have to run for 2 years with DMYPs only stepping up if the MYP resigns or is removed. This was discussed. The constitution shall be published on the website as soon as the chair, vice chair and youth mayor sign the document.

Youth councillors then went on to discussing amending the code of conduct, which is an internal document that youth councillors sign and follow. The new code of conduct will be released to all youth councillors in January 2024, when the new term begins.

The meeting in reference (19 Oct 2022)’s minutes are here:


Youth councillors had their opportunity to redesign the charter, after the youth councillors agreed the current one, dated over 10 years back, needs a major redesign. Youth councillors came up with a completely new proposition, ignoring the old charter.

The charter is a document which acts as a guidance to organisations, predominantly those who work with young people, on how to include and work with young people, and to influence youth participation within their organisation.

Youth councillors split up into groups, and talked about elements in existing charters for other organisations and local authorities, and what we should adopt for Oldham’s charter. This including the wording, and the physical structure and formatting of the document, including colour schemes and any graphical elements.

Youth councillors then discussed the idea as a whole, with points suggested including, “be transparent with young people” and “get straight to the point”. Any annotations produced in groups but not spoken will be considered by the youth workers to help deliver a charter which best represents the views, needs and wants of young people, and a good guidance to organisations working with young people.

A draft will hopefully be presented to the youth councillors in the next meeting (Wednesday the 17th of May 2023).

The meeting in reference where Jodie came to discuss the charter was on Wed 25 Jan 2023, minutes:


  • Wednesday the 10th of May (4pm to 8pm) and Thursday the 11th of May (2pm to 6pm) (priorities meeting will not run on the Wednesday) – a stall will be held at the members induction marketplace to welcome councillors who have just been elected.
  • Saturday the 13th of May – GMYCA Development Day – anyone who is interested in being a back up in the case a GMYCA representative cannot make it.
  • Wednesday the 28th of June – Youth Mayor Making for Charlotte Clasby (from 5:45pm)


Dayna brought up super-resi (Monday the 21st to Wednesday the 23rd of August) and was asking on what activities which we should do.