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Your Mental Health is Important

We've created our first animation to illustrate this point

What is the OYC?

We are a group of democratically elected young people who represent the young people of Oldham. We have up to 70 members who are aged 11 – 21 and live, go to school or work in Oldham.

What do we do?

We help Oldham’s young people have their say. We work with loads of different services and organisations to make sure that young people are able to shape and influence decisions that affect our lives.


–Promote opportunities for young people from across Oldham
–Raise the profile of young people
–Represent Oldham young people locally, regionally and nationally
–Campaigns on issues that effect the lives of young people.


With current restrictions Mental Health of young people is a concern for everyone.

With young people telling us, year on year, that mental health is one of the top issues young people face we have made our priority for 2020.  

We have collated resources to help young people in these strange times.  Some are COVID related, some for your specific circumstance and some jut general help for everyone. 

If you need help please do not wait to look for it.


Priorities and Campaigns


Oldham Youth Voice


Minutes of Meetings


Meetings and Events


OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/06/22

WELCOME Youth councillors were greeted by the chair, and continued to do a unique ice[…]

OYC Meeting Minutes – 01/06/22

Note: A meeting minute posted very late (on 15/06/22) WELCOME We did an ice breaker,[…]

OYC Meeting Minutes – 18/05/22

Note: A meeting minute posted very late (on 15/06/22) WELCOME The chair did an ice[…]

OYC Meeting Minutes – 04/05/22

Note: A meeting minute posted very late (on 15/06/22) EARLY BREAK A representative from Early[…]

Our Team

Oldham Youth Council elect Youth Councillors to take on roles to help with the day to running.
These include leadership roles, representative roles and officer roles.

Find out more

Tia Henderson

Youth Mayor

As a member of CICC as well, I want to represent as many young people across Oldham as I can. I want to ensure our voices are listened too!‬

Hamra Hanif-Ali


I was elected in April 2018, with an opportunity to be heard. I am passionate about climate change and equal pay for equal work.

Charlotte Clasby

Vice Chair

I was voted on to Youth Council in early 2018. I am passionate about equality and hope to help make Oldham a better place for young people’

Heather Price

Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)

I’m from Oldham East. I was elected onto OYC in March of 2018. I am very passionate about tackling climate change.

Sarah Nazir

Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)

I have been apart of the OYC since 2016. Here, I’ve learnt that to make a genuine difference, you need action alongside passion.

Hfsa Fahad

Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP)

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Zoe Cummins

DMYP & Inclusivity Officer

I am passionate about ensuring that the voices of all young people in Oldham are heard, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religion.


Greater Manchester Rep &             Events and Wellbieng Officer

Amour Crooks

Greater Manchester Rep

Prem Raghvani

Campaigns Officer

I was elected in OYC in 2020. My goal is to make sure that all campaign matters must be communicated clearly and also represents everyone!

Liam Harris

Communications Officer

I aim to help the youth of Oldham in propelling their voice and make them heard, all whilst having fun doing it!

Karl Houghton

Events Officer

I became youth councillor by chance but the opportunity to meet new people and make a difference as been amazing!


Priorities Officer

Arren Mitchell-Kew

Wellbeing Officer

I was elected as Well-being officer in 2020, and my goal is to promote good mental heath and mind sets to young individuals.

Contact us

If you would like to join the youth council, just want to find out what we’re doing or how you can get involved please use the form below and we’ll get right back to you.