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OYC Meeting Minutes – 19/04/2023

[1]: Welcome (lead by Chair) [2]: Mayor's Charity Events (lead by Barry Cassidy) [3]: TRAINING: Skills & Qualities (lead by Chris) [4*]: Break [5]: TRAINING: Planning & Project Management (lead by Chris) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 19/04/2023



Barry came to speak to the youth councillors about including more younger people in mayor charity events, since it has been shown that the current system caters more to those above the age of 21.

Every year, each mayor in Oldham choses a charity to raise money for in that year, sometimes it is chosen by personal choice and issues.

Suggestions included a walking tour of Oldham, scavenger hunts and more. Other ideas included bringing more things to Oldham town centre, such as a culture day where the music, food and more are shared.

Later, youth councillors discussed on what is needed at these events to encourage more young people to actually come to the events, with some stuff being said on how it should be organised, so there being music for instance, or more accessible, for instance being marketed better or not necessarily being in town centre due to transport.


Based on the recent internal elections, the youth workers decided to enhance our understanding on skills and qualities, which can help us in further speeches, talking with other leaders and even help youth councillors in the future.

We started with Dayna talking to us about skills and qualities, and discussed the differences, with an activity.

Subsequently, we are doing activities in small groups, discussing what good qualities and skills include, and discussed the ideas with the rest of the youth councillors.


Chris decided to do training on planning and project management, so that we can do campaigns or doing an event or an activity.

Youth councillors went into smaller groups in order to plan a hypothetical event. We discussed in groups:

  • A justification for this event – why we need to do it.
  • What would the event involve – the objectives.
  • What tasks are needed in order to achieve the objectives – need to be done in detail.
  • Fish bone diagram – where we start putting things together, and know what order it needs to be done.
  • A Gantt chart on the order of tasks / what events should be happening at which time.


  • YouthForia Residential, Fri 28 Apr 2023 till Sun 30 Apr 2023.


The content creators (Hamza & Zaynab) are now creating content, with the following being in the making:

  • Priority Videos (with Prem, comms officer, and Tom, priorities officer) – highlighting issues, for instance one on exam stress.
  • “Day in the Life” videos.
  • Comedy skits.
  • A magazine programme.
  • Another series in the style of YouTuber Tom Scott.
  • Advertisement skits – done by Champions on our behalf.