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2023 Internal Elections

2023 Internal Elections

We have concluded the round of internal elections for 2023. The current leadership team is as follows:

Role Person / People Notes
Youth Mayor Hamra Hanif-Ali (till 28 June 2023)
Charlotte Clasby (from 28 June 2023)
Stepped Up
Chair Isaac Quinn Stepped Up
Vice Chair Penelope Spencer-Simpson Elected (08/03/23)
Member of Youth Parliament Prem Raghvani
Tom Penketh
Stepped Up
Deputy Member of Youth Parliament Ying Shi
Louie Wild
Elected (22/03/23)
Stepped Up
GMYCA Representatives Leo Nicholson
Aaliyah Ahmed
Elected (22/03/23)
Communications Officer Prem Raghvani Re-elected (05/04/23)
Wellbeings Officer Jennifer Whitcombe Elected (05/04/23)
Campaigns Officer Aaliyah Ahmed Elected (05/04/23)
Priorities Officer Tom Penketh Re-elected (05/04/23)
Inclusivity Officer Aaliyah Ahmed Elected (05/04/23)

Zaynab Ikram and Hamza Iqbal however are now “content managers” which is a role on trial, and their aim is to create videos to sort of advertise the youth council and raise awareness to certain issues.

We however say goodbye to a few people. Zoe Cummins, who was our MYP and first ever inclusivity officer. Callum Oliver, who was one of our GMYCA representatives, and Joshua Aspin who was our campaigns officer.

We welcome on Leo Nicholson as a GMYCA representative and Jennifer Whitcombe as the Wellbeings officer.

We additionally see some switches in roles, such as Isaac Quinn and Charlotte Clasby moving up to Chair and Youth Mayor elect respectively, Ying Shi who was once our GMYCA representative now being our DMYP, and Aaliyah Ahmed who went from the Events & Wellbeings Officer role (now Wellbeings Officer) to being a GMYCA representative, Campaigns Officer and Inclusivity Officer.