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2024 Internal Elections

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2024 Internal Elections

We have concluded the round of internal elections for 2024-25. The current leadership team now is as follows:


The leadership group is composed of the Vice Chair, Chair and Youth Mayor, with a Youth-Mayor elect in place between February and June. On the 21st of February 2024, we elected a Vice Chair, allowing the previous Vice Chair and Chair to progress. You can view the full minutes of the meeting here. The old and new positions were as follows:

OfficePrevious Office Holder (2023-24)New Office Holder (2024-25)
Youth MayorCharlotte ClasbyCharlotte Clasby (until 26 Jun 2024)
Isaac Quinn (from 26 Jun 2024)
ChairIsaac QuinnPenelope Spencer-Simpson
Vice ChairPenelope Spencer-SimpsonLeah Darr
Change in Leadership Role


The representatives includes the Member of Youth Parliament (MYP), Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP), and Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority Representatives (GMYCA), each role having two holders. This election was meant to happen on the 6th of March 2024, but was delayed to the 20th of March 2024. You can view the full minutes of the meeting of the elections here.

The previous two DMYPs will step up on this occasion, however the MYPs and DMYPs will both have 2 years instead of one, with DMYPs no longer stepping up to MYPs after this year (meaning the next election will be in 2026, where both MYP and DMYP are contested), as agreed on the 8th of March 2023, due to the change in how the UKYP programme will be delivered. The GMYCA representatives will however be recontested next year. The old and new positions are as follows:

OfficePrevious Office Holders (2023-24)New Office Holders (2024-26)
MYPPrem Raghvani
Tom Penketh
Ying Shi
Louie Wild
DMYPYing Shi
Louie Wild
Lucy Richmond
Anayah Naz
GMYCALeo Nicholson
Aaliyah Ahmed
Hassan Jabbar (until 2025)
Aaliyah Ahmed (until 2025)
Change in Representative Roles

The previous MYPs, Prem and Tom did not recontest due to age constraints, and GMYCA representative Leo did not recontest, as he resigned as a youth councillor.


The officer elections occured on the 20th of March 2024, with new officer roles in place, after a discussion on the 24th of January 2024, with all previous officer roles except for the Communications Officer role (as a crucial role) being withdrawn, and the responsibilities of the wellbeing officer transferring to the Vice Chair. You can view the full minutes of the meeting of the elections here. Each role now has a deputy, with the deputy being the person who came second in the election. The role changes are as follows:

RolePrevious Office Holder (2023-24)New Office Holder (2024-25)
CommunicationsPrem RaghvaniLucy Richmond
Deputy Communications(New Role)Tom Penketh
Health(New Role)Adam Hussain
Deputy Health(New Role)Zaynab Ikram
Economy(New Role)Prem Raghvani
Deputy Economy(New Role)Dylan Davison
Community(New Role)Tom Penketh
Deputy Community(New Role)Sage Stones
CampaignsAaliyah Ahmed(Role Withdrawn)
PrioritiesTom Penketh(Role Withdrawn)
WellbeingsJennifer Whitcombe(Role Withdrawn)
InclusivityAaliyah Ahmed(Role Withdrawn)
Change in Officer Roles

The previous communications officer, Prem, did not recontest as a communications officer, given his plan to retire from the youth council in the coming months, and communications being widely considered a critical role.