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OYC Meeting Minutes – 24/01/2024

[1]: Welcome & Apologies (lead by Chair) [2]: Introduction and Registering People to Vote (lead by Cllr Mushtaq & Cllr Charters) [3*]: Break [4]: Being a Youth Councillor (lead by Chris & Chair) [5]: Votes at 16 Action Group (lead by Chris) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 24/01/2024


Unfortunately, the two councillors were unable to attend the meeting due to a pressing emergency. In their absence, youth councillors formed groups to delve into discussions on strategies for increasing voter registration. Notably, in England, individuals can register to vote at 16, although the voting eligibility age is 18.

Several ideas were proposed during the session, including:

  • Incorporating voter registration into the curriculum, with forms distributed in Sixth Forms.
  • Enlisting youth workers to visit Sixth Forms, conducting assemblies to encourage voter registration.
  • Utilizing QR codes and emails to prompt Sixth Form students to register to vote.

Later in the meeting, Cllr Mushtaq, the cabinet member in Oldham Council for Children and Young People, joined after completing his prior engagement. He took the opportunity to introduce himself to the new youth councillors.


Isaac delivered a casual presentation on the youth council, introducing its leadership and elucidating their respective roles. In addition, he provided insights into the day-to-day operations of the youth council to orientate the new members. Essential dates for internal elections were disclosed, comprising:

  • Wed 21 Feb 2024 – Vice Chair
  • Wed 06 Mar 2024 – Representatives (GMYCA and DMYP)
  • Wed 20 Mar 2024 – Officers

Key upcoming events were highlighted, such as:

  • The ongoing Make Your Mark initiative
  • Wed 26 Jun 2024 – Youth Mayor Making
  • Super Resi in August (OYC, Barrier Breakers, CICC)

Chris addressed logistical details about trips, emphasising the limited capacity of the minibus, resulting in a maximum of 15 attendees per event. He stressed the necessity of signed consent forms. Isaac, as the chair, underscored the importance of regularly checking emails for crucial communications.

Chris then explained a change in the DMYP/MYP election process, where every two years, two DMYPs and two MYPs are elected. This year, the two DMYPs will automatically step up to MYPs under the previous system.

A discussion ensued regarding officer roles, proposing to retain the communications officer due to its critical role. It was suggested to merge the inclusivity officer with the Vice Chair role. The concept of campaign-specific designated leads was introduced. Specific officer roles for youth council members outside their councillor duties, including health, economic, and community officers, were discussed, with deputies appointed for each.

Charlotte emphasised the flexibility of officer roles, subject to periodic evaluation and changes based on the needs of the youth council. Officers will not supersede others in different roles, ensuring inclusivity. Restrictions were clarified, stating that a vice chair, chair, or youth mayor cannot simultaneously hold a representative or officer role. A representative may hold only one representative role, while an officer and a representative may theoretically hold unlimited officer roles.

A vote was conducted on the proposed officer role changes and the election of a deputy communications officer, receiving majority approval. Chris delved into social media guidelines, emphasizing online safety and the potential impact of posted content on the youth council’s reputation.


Opportunities are available for young individuals aged 16 to 18 to participate in an action group advocating for Votes for 16. Those interested in joining this initiative are encouraged to reach out to Dayna via email before the upcoming Friday.


There are no events.


Isaac – emphasised the importance of refraining from using phones and avoiding speaking over others during meetings.

Chris – encouraged individuals with ideas for the youth council to communicate them to a youth worker, chair, or vice-chair, who can facilitate its inclusion in the agenda.

Adam and Andrew – addressed the expected conduct of young people during meetings.