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OYC Meeting Minutes – 30/05/18

WELCOME Apologies:- Roshni P-H., Katie R., Katie W., Steffany M. Samah began the meeting with lightning talks from Joe W., Shariq A. and Jade C.   LSCB STRATEGIC PLAN Lisa from the Oldham Local SafeguardingContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 16/05/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Katie R., Tia H., Joe W., Hamra Samah started off the Meeting with Lightning Talks.   GMYCAGreater Manchester Youth Combined Authority Jess C., A representative for Oldham in GMYCAGreater Manchester Youth CombinedContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 02/05/18

WELCOME Apologies:- Nathan W., Katie W., Fawaz, Jasmine R., Isaac Q. Samah started off the meeting with Lightning Talks.   DIRECTOR FOR EDUCATION AND EARLY YEARS Andrew Sutherland, the Director for Education and Early Years,Continue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 18/04/18

WELCOME Apologies:- Anisa K., Joe W., Jasmine R., Khadiija A. Samah started off the meeting with Lightning Talks, which were taken by Jade C., Katie R. and Melissa D.   MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTATIONConsultation is whenContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 21/03/18

WELCOME Apologies:- Nayema K., Alex R., Khadija A., Amber C. The meeting started with the Lightning Talks by Isabelle A. and Steff M.   SUICIDE AWARENESS Kelly Thorpe from Papyrus has come in to anContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/03/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Katie W., Sarah N., Nathan W., Jade C. The meeting began with Samah’s Lightning Talks, but due to it being mocks week, all three lightning talks for this meeting were postponed fromContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 21/02/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Katie W., Joe H., Amber C. Samah started the meeting with Lightning Talks. DMYP ELECTIONS Tonight held the DMYPDeputy Member of Youth Parliament – The Deputy Member of Youth Parliament is theContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/02/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Katie W., Joe H., Steff M., Paige T.   DEMENTIA BUDDIES   Kay Knox has come into the Youth Council to talk about Dementia Buddy, a Guardian Angel Project that helps peopleContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 10/01/18

WELCOME   Apologies :- Marouf A., Khadija A., Shariq A., Joe H. Amber started off the meeting with ‘Councillor Guess Who 2.0’ Game.   VICE CHAIRThe Youth Councillor who runs the meeting, heads up theContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 06/12/17

WELCOME Apologies:- Jasmine R., Khadija A., Roshni P., Isabelle A., Joe H., Tasmeen K., Afsana K., Jade C. Amber started off the meeting with the ‘Guess the Councillor’ game. OLDHAM YOUTH COUNCIL ELECTIONS Youth CouncilContinue reading