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OYC Meeting Minutes – 12/12/18

WELCOME LAST MEETING FOR 2018 – MEETINGS PROCEED ON 9TH JANUARY 2019 Apologies:- Hfsa A., Steffany M., Katie R. REAL CHANGE Robbie Cowbury from Real Change campaign. This campaign, kicking off in Manchester, surrounds homelessness.Continue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes 31/10/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Roshni P., Khadija A., Abi, Leah, Isabelle A. Samah started off the meeting with good news. RELATIONSHIP AND SEX EDUCATION CONSULTATIONConsultation is when members of an organisation gather information/feedback from members ofContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes 17/10/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Amber C., Nathan W., Afsana K., SINGLE USE PLASTIC Justine Addy from Oldham Council is wanting to put in a Single Use Plastic policy in Oldham Council to help the environment dueContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 03/10/18

WELCOME No apologies received for this meeting.   VICE CHAIRThe Youth Councillor who runs the meeting, heads up the organisation and has the casting vote. Or something to sit on but probably the first oneContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 19/09/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Joe W., Armaan, Isaac Q.   GOOD NEWS After a long summer with many doing different activities, youth councillors shared a piece of good news.   MAKE YOUR MARKA Nationwide campaign, runContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 05/09/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Amber C., Isabelle A., Alex R.   VOICE OF CHILD STRATEGY CONSULTATIONConsultation is when members of an organisation gather information/feedback from members of the public or group on a project or scheme.Continue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 22/08/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Stefany M., Alex R., Samah K.   READING FRIENDS – POSSIBLE PROJECT Chris has been contacted by Oldham Library about the Reading Friends project. Aimed at helping lonely and isolated old people,Continue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 08/08/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Tia H., Nathan W. Samah started off the meeting with Good News. Lightning talks return next meeting.   SPLAT Afsana played a game of splat with youth councillors to bring in aContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 25/07/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Nathan R.   ELECTIONS This meeting had the Officer elections for the next 12 months. As from decided from the previous meeting (11/07/18) the roles that are up in this election areContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 11/07/18

WELCOME Apologies :- Sultan, Khadija A., Amber P., Sarah N., Afsana K., Nathan W., Katie W. Jade started off the meeting with good news. FIND YOUR FUTURE Vicky Sinfield from Greater Manchester Higher came intoContinue reading