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OYC Meeting Minutes – 20/03/2024

[1]: Welcome, Apologies & Icebreakers (lead by Chair) [2]: Make Your Mark (lead by Chris) [3]: Rep Elections (lead by Chair) [4*]: Break [5]: Officer Elections (lead by Chair) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 20/03/2024

ELECTION RESULTS: A summary is available at


An icebreaker was held.


Chris explained that 10,127 individuals participated in the recent Make Your Mark elections. The national issues ranking is as follows:

  1. Crime and Safety (most voted)
  2. Jobs, Economy, and Benefits
  3. Health and Wellbeing

Interestingly, international relations emerged in the top three across three schools, potentially influenced by the conflicts in Gaza / Israel. This is an area that youth workers will explore further.

Regarding local issues, the ranking is as follows:

  1. Cost of Living (most voted)
  2. Violent Crime, including Hate Crime
  3. Quitting Vaping and Smoking

The recommendations outlined in the report were deliberated upon during the priorities meeting, and the youth workers are anticipating the national results.

Further discussions will take place within the priorities meeting regarding the top issues identified in Make Your Mark, with the exception of Quitting Vaping and Smoking, which already is being campaigned upon.


At the previous meeting on the 6th of March, an additional item on the agenda was introduced, focusing on establishing ground rules, defining safe spaces, and drafting a statement for the use of the youth council.

During the session, the youth councillors were provided with the opportunity to review the proposed document, offering feedback on both its wording and content. This feedback could entail suggestions for modifications to the language used or adjustments to the substance of the statement.

The following was the current draft:

 Oldham Youth Council want to ensure that this space is enveloped in warmth, friendliness, and mutual respect. Our group rests on being open, polite, and kind to one another, valuing each person’s contributions and perspectives. Rudeness must have no room to grow; instead, we want an environment where thinking about and caring for others is our nature.
We encourage everyone to engage, share, and listen with an open mind, embracing the diversity of thoughts and experiences that each member brings. Before we speak or act, let’s pause and consider the impact of our words and actions on those around us, striving always to uplift and support rather than to diminish.
Together, let’s build a community where everyone feels valued, heard, and encouraged to express themselves freely, knowing they are in a safe and welcoming space.

1. When someone is speaking- listen and don’t talk
2. When taking pictures makes sure you have permission
3. Everyone should participate
4. When someone is talking stay in the room for them
5. Anything personal stays at youth council
6. Respect everyone’s opinions
7. Speak to staff when needed
8. Youth council doesn’t have a hierarchy, everyone is equal
9. Take every opportunities available – have an attitude of gratitude
10. Don’t use devices during the meeting (unless you have pre authorised it with staff and chair) – wait to the break or step out
11. Visitors are taking time out to talk to you so please respect that
12. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, if you don’t understand something just ask
13. Look after the building, respect the equipment and tidy up after yourself
14. Punctuality – if you are going to be late send apologies, make sure you return after breaks at the given time

Concerns were raised during the discussion regarding the proposed statement for the youth council’s use:

  1. Length: Some members expressed concerns that the content might be overly wordy, especially considering that the statement is intended to be read at the start of meetings and should ideally take no more than 90 seconds.
  2. Grammar and Phrasing: Several participants requested changes to improve the grammar and phrasing of the statement.
  3. Clarity: There were concerns that some of the language used in the statement, such as the word “enveloped,” could be difficult for some individuals to understand, making the content hard to follow.
  4. Number of Ground Rules: Suggestions were made to streamline the list of ground rules from 14 to 10. Specifically, it was proposed to merge the following rules:
    (i) Rule 3, and rule 9
    (ii) Rule 1, and rule 4
    (iii) Rule 6, rule 11, and rule 13

While some individuals acknowledged the overall quality of the current statement, there was consensus that improvements are needed to enhance its flow and effectiveness.


Youth councillors convened to elect their next Deputy Member of Yourh Parliament, and Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority representatives. Each candidate was allotted up to 90 seconds to deliver a speech, followed by a group session for posing questions. Only one speech was permitted, for both GMYCA, and DMYP, for those who are running for both elections. Only two DMYPs and two GMYCA representatives were to be elected.

Candidates for DMYP

  1. Dylan Davison
  2. Hassan Jabbar
  3. Ibrahim Khan
  4. Anayah Naz
  5. Lucy Richmond
  6. Zaynab Ikram

Candidates for GMYCA

  1. Aaliyah Ahmed
  2. Dylan Davison
  3. Hassan Jabbar
  4. Joey Legge
  5. Anayah Naz
  6. Zaynab Ikram

The questions to the candidate regarding them in the role as a representative, asked by youth councillors after the speeches were:

  1. From your understanding, what does your role entail?
  2. If you had one main reason, why are you going for your role?

The personality questions were:

  1. Who is your favourite current or past world leader, and why?

Like the previous election on the 21st of February, the voting will be done by Single Transferable Vote (STV), as explained in the previous meeting minutes. In this instance however, the top 2 would be elected, with a quota of 33.3%.

The successful candidates were:

  • Lucy Richmond – DMYP
  • Anayah Naz – DMYP
  • Hassan Jabbar – GMYCA
  • Aaliyah Ahmed – GMYCA


Youth councillors convened to elect their next officers and their deputies. The roles were: communications, community, economy, and health, with deputies. Each candidate was allotted up to 90 seconds to deliver a speech, followed by a group session for posing questions. Only one speech was permitted per candidate.

Candidates for Communications Officer

  1. Tom Penketh
  2. Lucy Richmond
  3. Joey Legge
  4. Zaynab Ikram

Candidates for Community Officer

  1. Peter Steele
  2. Hassan Jabbar
  3. Tom Penketh
  4. Sage Stones
  5. Zaynab Ikram

Candidates for Economy Officer

  1. Prem Raghvani
  2. Aaliyah Ahmed
  3. Louie Wild
  4. Zaynab Ikram
  5. Dylan Davison

Candidates for Health Officer

  1. Joey Legge
  2. Maryam Akhter
  3. Adam Hussain
  4. Aaliyah Ahmed
  5. Dylan Davison

The questions to the candidate regarding them in the role as an officer, asked by youth councillors after the speeches were:

  1. What makes you different from the other candidates?
  2. Where do you see yourself in the future with this role?

No personality questions were asked.

Like the previous elections, the voting will be done by Single Transferable Vote (STV). In this instance however, the top person would be the officer, and the second person would be the deputy officer. Only one candidate requested that they would not be elected as a deputy.

The candidates who succeeded in this election were:

  • Lucy Richmond (Communications)
  • Tom Penketh (Community and Deputy Communications)
  • Prem Raghvani (Economy)
  • Adam Hussain (Health)
  • Sage Stones (Deputy Community)
  • Dylan Davison (Deputy Economy)
  • Zaynab Ikram (Deputy Health)


  • Friday the 22nd of March between 7pm to 9pm, Oldham Consultation at Mahdlo
  • Monday the 25th of March from 6pm, Beeheard at Manchester (last meeting with the current project)
  • Friday the 5th of April from 1pm, Pride Committee at the Civic Centre
  • General – Chadderton Town Hall Meeting (restricted to those who live in, or are educated in Chadderton)


Andrew – requested people do not talk when other people are talking

Leah – asked the group for opinions, whilst awaiting the final votes, on the statement and ground rules, alongside any rewording suggestions.

Various candidates rose to speak a word of thanks.

Various members thanked Isaac for offering everyone cupcakes.