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OYC Meeting Minutes – 05/04/2023

OYC Meeting Minutes – 05/04/2023


Celeste works for the Integrated Care in Oldham (the commission for GP, hospitals, community services etc.) and is the engagement manager.

She explained that there was an issue due to COVID-19 with waiting lists being long, and there being a Greater Manchester plan to reduce it, hence wanted the youth councillor’s views on hospital services and extended service (out-of-hours GP appointments). By doing this, Oldham’s young people can be reflected hence reducing potential health inequalities.

Celeste also mentioned that there is information for people while they wait for hospital treatment at: She also mentioned ChatHealth,, where young people can text their school nurse or health visitor anonymously. Additionally, 111 exists for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies.

Celeste later asked whether youth councillors believed that the health provision in Oldham is good or bad, and if so, why, whilst also answering any questions youth councillors had.


The following people ran:

Communications Officer

  • Hamza Iqbal
  • Prem Raghvani (successful)

Wellbeing Officer

  • Aaliyah Ahmed
  • Zaynab Ikram
  • Jennifer Whitcombe (successful)

Campaigns Officer

  • Aaliyah Ahmed (successful)
  • Louie Wild

Priorities Officer

  • Hamza Iqbal
  • Joey Legge
  • Tom Penketh (successful)

Inclusivity Officer

  • Aaliyah Ahmed (successful)
  • Hamza Iqbal
  • Louie Wild

Questions were asked by youth councillors for each role, there were 3 questions per role.


  • Two spaces for a residential for women in Castleshaw, Friday the 14th of April to Sunday the 16th of April. One space has already been given to a youth councillor.
  • YouthForia residential – youth councillors are advised to check their emails in the coming days if they applied, as those who have been chosen will be emailed in the coming days.

Youth councillors are also advised to email Chris if they can no longer do a trip, and not turn up for a trip unless they have got a signed consent form.


Chris reminded that the Wellbeing Officer will not be a personal therapist as it would not be viable, but they should work on finding any other forms of support or initiatives within the youth council.

Penelope brought up that she met someone who wants advise on the provision of rehab with initiatives such as nature walks, and asks if youth councillors would like to speak to her and give advice or learn more. Most youth councillors agreed and Penelope will work with Chris to bring her in. Andrew brought up that Alexander works for Turning Point, which may be of use.

Hamza presented a presentation on sports, and stated that to make Oldham Youth Council better, we need recognition and be well known by the young people of Oldham, which involves a sports competition, so we can engage with the young people, as well as promoting physical and mental health. Penelope asked if it could be made into some sort of charity event, and Hamza said it can be considered, and likely to be done that way. Chris added that the Oldham Youth Service would intervene and bring young people, do the risk assessments and other logistical tasks. The event would happen in 2024, towards spring or summer. Most youth councillors agreed that this should be done in the name of Oldham Youth Council, and that Hamza acts as the link between OYC and the district team.