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OYC Meeting Minutes – 08/08/18

OYC Meeting Minutes – 08/08/18


Apologies :- Tia H., Nathan W.

Samah started off the meeting with Good News. Lightning talks return next meeting.



Afsana played a game of splat with youth councillors to bring in a lively mood.



After the group discussions from the last meeting (25/07/18), Sam wrote up the information to form a manifesto. The Youth Councillors read through the draft document and wrote notes on what they liked and what they wanted to change, propping up the subject of Votes @ 16 was not on the draft document.

After feeding back, tables were tasked with either rewriting/writing a part of the manifesto. Rewriting the mental health paragraph and writing the bullying and community cohesion, Youth Councillors came up with these additions to the manifesto.


We, Oldham Youth Council, do not condone bullying of any kind. Bullying is the repetitive act of harm or intimidation towards people who may be vulnerable. Young people face this all too often. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, poor mental health and social isolation. We believe that no young person young be excluded or pressured to feel a certain way. We aim to raise awareness, continue constructive education and also offer support for all young people in Oldham who are affected by bullying.

Mental Health

(Statistic)% of young people suffer from mental health issues and almost all have experience with mental health issues, for whether it be via a friend, family member or themselves. This has a detrimental effect and often causes issues such as; Missing school, lack of self-confidence, isolation, loneliness and many more. Often because these issues start before the age of 14.

Community Cohesion

Oldham Youth Council firmly believe in community cohesion. Our aim is to promote all groups/organisations who encourage the integration of communities as well as the inclusion of different backgrounds at activities/events. As a borough, we will not tolerate simple tolerance and only accept acceptance.



Roshni and Samah, Oldham’s MYPs for 2018/19 gave a Prezi to the youth councillors about their weekend at Annual Sitting, and the upcoming Make Your Mark scheme. Talking about what is expected from each youth councillor, the aim is to increase Oldham’s turnout from last year. Key Dates for this years MYM are: -22nd August is the Launch of MYM -10th October is the end of MYM -9th October is the House of Commons debate. If youth councillors had any questions about MYM, Samah and Roshni would be happy to answer them!



Events and trips have been given out to youth councillors in the meeting.