OYC Meeting Minutes – 22/08/18


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Chris has been contacted by Oldham Library about the Reading Friends project. Aimed at helping lonely and isolated old people, the project aims to help stop loneliness felt by elderly people. Doing activities such as crafts, dementia friendly cinema and singing for the brain, this pilot project wants the youth council to get involved, taking charge in some of the activities. These activities would allow intergenerational work to occur by involving schools, and allow stories to be shared between generations. After a discussion with Jodie with member is OYCOldham Youth Council, it is wanted to be followed up.



The Super Resi that occurred on the 13-15th August, which had members of all four groups under the Oldham Youth Voice Family brought together in different activities and workshops. This agenda item allowed more feedback to come from members of OYCOldham Youth Council and to share their experiences with Youth Councillors who weren’t able to attend the Super Resi. One idea mentioned is to keep the conflict resolution ongoing, as it did help with some issues that may be in between people.

It was voted in the meeting if the OYCOldham Youth Council should incorporate the CICC and BB into the manifesto as forums that make up part of the Oldham Youth Voice Family, and a unanimous vote passed this statement.


OYCOldham Youth Council MANIFESTO

Following collective work from a few meeting prior, a new draft with all of the sections of collectively written paragraph connecting to the issues that OYCOldham Youth Council stand for. Splitting into two groups, discussions occurred about the content of the paragraphs, if more information on why we stand for is needed and if some information needs to be removed.

One key issue that was brought up was specific information is needed. The paragraphs have a lot of general information about what it means by OYCOldham Youth Council standing on a certain situation, but their is a lack on specifics that would explain why and would show more care and empathy into the sections of the manifesto.

One other issue that has been brought up is repetition,



Oldham Youth Council won the Queen’s Award for voluntary services, and have been invited to the awards ceremony on the 29th August. Members of the Youth Council who have been on the youth council for a long period of time have been chosen, but there are a few places left on the trip that can be given to other youth councillors. It was decided, due to more youth councillors wanting to attend then places, that names would be taken out of a hat.


DYNAMIX RESIDENTIALA trip with an overnight stay

The Dynamix ResidentialA trip with an overnight stay that is happening 28th – 1st September is asking for more volunteers aged 13 – 16.






Jodie wanted to talk about how important the mental health and wellbeing of the youth council and individual youth councillors is. In recent times, it has been seen that some youth councillors have been made to feel uncomfortable or left out, causing them to feel like they don’t belong in the youth council and that maybe they should leave. No youth councillor should ever be made to feel like this, as we work as a team. On the Super Resi, Chris lead a Conflict Resolution workshop, aimed to help youth councillors to learn the skills on how to solve conflict, and some youth councillors hope that this will be carried forward due to the help and usefulness of the workshop.



Events and Trips were given out to Youth Councillors at the Meeting.



Make Your Markmake your mark 2016A Nationwide campaign, run by UK Youth parliament, that gathers information on what is important to the youth of the United Kingdom. has now been released by BYCBritish Youth Council – A Youth Lead organisation representing 11-18 year olds across Great Britain.!


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    1. Dynamix is a project run through the Youth Service bringing together young people from new migrant communities (such North Africa and Eastren Europe) with those from existing communities (such as White British and South Asian). The idea behind the project is making Oldham a better place through community cohesion. For more information you would need to contact our support staff on [email protected].

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