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OYC Meeting Minutes – 17/04/19

OYC Meeting Minutes – 17/04/19


Apologies :- Katie R., Alex R., Megan B.


Suzy and Laura from Oldham Pledge has come into the meeting to hand over a certificate from the OP that shows OYC’s support of the pledge.


Louis from the Youthforia Steering group is attending meetings of different youth cabinets and councils to see how he could help each youth council, and what each youth council is doing within their area.


On the 8th of April, OYC attended the #NoMoreKnives event that was held in The Oldham Academy North. The Deputy Headteacher of TOAN was a victim of knife crime, as his brother (Colin McGinty) was sadly taken through a case of mistaken identity. As apart of the event, a video was filmed to raise the awareness of the #NoMoreKnives event which was shown in the meeting.

Oldham Youth Council did some creative consultation at the event, getting the grasp on the perception of Knife Crime in TOAN, which had knife crime as a high issue on the 2018 Make Your Mark ballot. These questions related to what the young people believed the cause of the rise in knife crime was, which areas of Oldham they deemed the most dangerous, and anonymous questions, which focused on if young people had any links with an event with a bladed weapon.

In a priorities meeting (10/04/19), the meeting focused on the BYC issued Knife Crime Awareness, and how this could be adapted for an effective consultation which could be sent out to schools across the borough.


A mum had ordered some resources from the human rights activist group Amnesty International, resources that included the helping of aiding certain international issues, and a passport filled with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which were given out to Youth Councillors who attended the meeting.


We have a new website! The website has gone under a refresh, to update it to a modern viewpoint. The layout was shown to Youth Councillors at this meeting, after a small group of testers tried out the format a week prior, and the feedback was mostly positive. Youth Councillors were asked to try out the format on their phones.


Pioneers of Sustainable Hope (POSH) is a new project started by Youthforia NW (Youth Focus NW), funded by Scottish Power. Youthforia are wanting three Pioneers from each Local Area in Youthforia, making up 75 ambassadors. The appointed Pioneers for Oldham are Tia, Tai and Hamra.


Events and Trips that are up and coming have been given out to the youth councillors who attended the meeting.


There is a CV writing event being held soon by Get Oldham Working (TBC), mentioned by Vice Chair Tia H.