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OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/06/22

OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/06/22


Youth councillors were greeted by the chair, and continued to do a unique ice breaker (which was chaotic).


We got into groups of 3 in order to practice our public speaking skills. In this section, we (in these 3 groups) made up speeches for 15 minutes for topics we chose, or a topic chosen for us for those who were indecisive. These speeches could last for any amount of time. At the end, all groups did their speeches in front of everyone, and all youth councillors were made to vote if they agreed with the issue being discussed or not.
After this all, Chris stated that we need to develop our public speaking skills when we come to talking with councillors and other scenarios where we must do speeches.
Chris then gave us feedback, stating places where we went wrong as a group.
Chris then gave us 10 minutes to come up with an elevator-styled speech (essentially a speech lasting no more than one minute).


Chris gave us an update about the ten forward from last meeting. He has generated the questions and will send it to us via email, where we as youth councillors should send it to ideally at least 10 other members aged 11 to 21.


The topic of this meeting was about the SEND (Special educational needs and disability) provision, and discussing the issues with it across schools in the borough. Points such as neurodiversity and neuroharmony (from Spectrum Gaming, who provide services such as providing gaming facilities for young people, to involve everyone) were discussed in this meeting.
We may be able to speak with Spectrum Gaming in a meeting soon (potentially in September).


This agenda item was cancelled, due to not being required.


  1. Thursday 23rd June 2022 Evening at Positive Steps – to understand the “You Stand Accused” theatre piece.
  2. Saturday 25th June 2022 9:30am to 4:30pm – YouthForia at Liverpool Hope University, on the topic of Health and Wellbeing (limited to 10 people)
  3. Wednesday 29th June 2022 from 5:45pm – Youth Mayor Making at the Oldham Council Chambers


Louie discussed that the flags he was designing were not ready due to internet issues, and may be able to be discussed in the next meeting’s AOB.
Chris stated that in the next priorities meeting (22nd of June 2022) that we would be discussing the writing of a motion to full council. People who want to deliver this must be in this meeting. Chris also stated that on this day, he wanted people to record videos regarding the environment conference and discuss it with Tom (our Priorities Officer).
Chris discussed a residential trip in the end of July to the University of Hull to debate matters, on behalf of the MYPs and DMYPs who are not available during this week. The trip departs on the afternoon of the Friday and the youth councillors will arrive back to Oldham on the afternoon of the Sunday.