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Motion to Full Council – Marouf Ahmed

Motion to Full Council – Marouf Ahmed

I first did a motion to fill council a few months after joining the Youth Council. The motion to be proposed was votes at 16, something I was very passionate about and still am to this day. I had done a lot of work for the campaign and even helped to write the motion and so the other youth councillors and the youth workers felt it was only right for me to be one of the young people to deliver the motion to full council. It was one of the most nerve wracking experiences I ever had and as I sat in the council chambers I remember Jodie turning round to me and telling me that’s it’s okay to be scared it means that you’re passionate and you care about what you’re doing. So knowing that and that also my fellow youth councillors were also scared made me feel better it was also the fact that I took off my glasses so that I couldn’t see the faces of the councillors that also helped me boost my confidence! But after so many proposals to full council I can now safely say that when I do go before a full council I do have my glasses on!

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