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OYC minutes – 1st May 2024

OYC minutes – 1st May 2024

Welcome, Apologies and Ice breakers:

Today’s meeting was held in Council Chambers.

The icebreaker was:

Word association

Neurodiversity Workshop – led by Barrier Breakers:

Josh from Barrier Breakers led the workshop, which was centred around neurodiversity and what YCllrs believe neurodiversity consists of.

Firstly, YCllrs split off into groups of 3-4 people, and produced a mindmap about what they believe neurodiversity is, what is included in neurodiversity and if they can think of any famous people who class themselves as neurodiverse. These were then fed back to the group, which prompted an in depth discussion on the topic.

Next, the YCllrs were split into two groups, with each being led by Josh and Youth Workers. Each group played different games, which had a link to communication and different ways of thinking.

These games were:

  • Blind drawing
  • Dixit

The drawing game in particular was meant to communicate information overload, and how that can occur in real life, with Andrew making a link to exams.

This was a way to raise awareness around neurodiversity and YCllrs were asked to consider how they are communicating with others.

GMYCA workshop – led by the GMYCA reps:

Our newly-elected GMYCA reps had their first GMYCA meeting, and were asked to consult YCllrs on the issues that they will raise in the next meeting.

YCllrs were given 7 topics to choose from, and were tasked with narrowing it down to four.

The topics to choose from were:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Crime and Safety
  • Equity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Transport and Active Travel
  • Culture, Media and Sport
  • Education, Employment and Skills

When deciding on which topics to choose, YCllrs were given some questions to prompt their thinking, these were:

  • What does the topic mean to you?
  • Where are the gaps in young people’s imput?
  • Why is this theme important for young people?
  • What do you know already about this topic?
  • Are there any local schemes already which encompass this topic?

After a debate on each topic, the topics we eventually chose were:

  • Transport and Active Travel
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Crime and Safety
  • Education, Employment and Skills

These issues will be raised at the next GMYCA meeting by Ali and Hassan, on behalf of OYC.

Events and trips:

Sarah Tate has asked OYC to be a part of helping her organise and fundraise for her next events.

On the 28th-29th June, she is hosting an 80K hike for veterans, from Lees to Royton, with a plan to stop halfway at the Civic Centre to do a sleep-out. YCllrs agreed that they want to be involved.

Next, on the 14th September, she is hosting a music showcase at the end of Suicide Prevention Week, which YCllrs also want to be involved in.

There is also the Mayor’s Committee Meeting on the 13th May – this may not be going ahead, so those who are attending, please check your emails from Chris, where he will confirm if it’s going ahead.


Adam – he is taking part in another fundraiser, which is a charity boxing match in aid of Mind and Make a Wish. Those YCllrs who wish to make a donation, please contact Adam.

Chris – the Youth Service has officially moved to Rock St, so all YCllrs are advised to check their emails/messages before every OYC meeting for the location of the meeting and the time to be there, since room 222 is no longer available. If in doubt, message Chris. All priorities meetings will take place at Rock St.

Andrew – reiterated the need for respect within meetings, especially in light of the neurodiversity workshop that took place earlier on in the session.