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OYC Meeting Minutes – 24/05/17

OYC Meeting Minutes – 24/05/17


Marouf started his final meeting as Chair with youth councillors sharing a piece of good news.


Manchester Terror Attacks

Chris spoke to the group offering support for anyone who needs it.  He also reiterated that everyone will have opinions about what happened on Monday and that statements and opinions should be challenged not the the people.

Marouf lead the Council in a minute’s silence


Vice chair elections

The candidates delivered their speeches. The candidates were:

Jade Calder

Jess Consterdine

Adam Hussain

Samah Khalil

Alex Robinson 

Jess Webster

The Youth Councillors then has an opportunity to question the candidates. Questions included: What is your worst quality? What would you bring to the role as vice chair that is new from what any other vice chair has? And who inspires you?

The candidates answered the questions and then voted during break.

Marouf then announced the results. The new Vice chair is Samah Khalil.


Marouf officially handed over the meeting to the new OYC Chair Amber Powell.


First Time voters

Amber talked about how she was doing the first time video tomorrow. The premise of the video is that if you don’t vote , older people are making decisions for your life. Amber said that she needed ideas for a ‘decision’ in your life that an adult would be portrayed to make for amber e.g. the music that amber listens to. The ideas given were: the job she has, the boyfriend, design of your bedroom, what you do in your free time. 



1st June- Hidden Histories 

This is when the trip will be, we will be going to Manchester archive and start doing work on the photographs that we are doing. Adam is interested, Jess C? Shariq? Jess W?

19th-23rd June- Kerrching assessments 

We need as many youth councillors there as possible. We have to decide which application gets the money and we will have a lot of applications to get through

28th june – Youth mayor making

Everybody needs to be here. There will be free food. Youth councillors should be here fro 5:45 at latest.

22nd-23rd July – Oldham Way Challenge

It is approx 40 miles around oldham. People interested: Branden Grimes, Katie Russell, Melissa Demsteader, Sam Brierley, Alex Robinson?, Nathan Randall, Andrew Shillito, Lewis Mcdermott, Adam Hussain, Nathan Wright , Liam Harris?Jess C ?


Oldham Plan film

Youth Council have been asked to do a video about the Oldham Plan. It is about inclusive economy from a young persons point of view. The youth councillor will be asked questions and will answer. Marouf will be happy to do it.


AQA presentations

More AQA Unit Award Scheme Certificates were handed out to Youth Councillors.



Youthforia- GMYA rep, DMPYS and MYP’s will be organising the day. Chris asked the Youth Council for ideas of what to do in our opening speech. Amber had the idea to mimic the lush advert video. Jess had the idea of saying everything that is happening now. Katie had the idea of doing a tour round council chambers like MTV crib style. Show off our posters. 

Next Wednesday is priorities: If anyone could come in next week please try and attend.

Secretary elections will be next meeting. Katie Russell, Alex Robinson, Jess Webster and Adam Hussain are all interested are thinking of running. The speech will be a minute long.