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Stationary Campaign: £1,000 Donation

(L-R) Councillor Shaid Mushtaq, Leah, Adriana, Adam & Prem. Shaid Mushtaq holding a box of sharpies, Leah and Adriana holding a large cheque paid to the Oldham Youth Council for £1,000, Adam holding highlighters and markers, and Prem holding notebooks. The image is on a background of a gradient from orange to blue, with the Oldham Youth Council logo in the bottom right.

Stationary Campaign: £1,000 Donation

Cllr Shaid Mushtaq and members of Oldham Youth Council with representatives from CBRE, Muse and Rowan Ashworth Ltd.

Oldham Youth Council are delighted to say that on Monday (05 February 2024), we recieved a donation of £1,000 from Muse Places, CBRE and Rowan Ashworth Ltd. The donation will be used towards the youth council’s stationary campaigns.

The Aim of the Campaign

Our aim is to ensure every student within the borough are provided with suitable stationary, to help them progress with their education. We therefore aim to donate to schools in the borough items of stationary, such as (but not limited to): pens, pencils, compasses, rubbers, rulers, protractors, and scientific calculators.

The donation recieved will help fund these items of stationary, alongside the stationary that has already been donated, and will be donated, by councillors and Oldham Council departments who are relocating.

The Origin of the Campaign

In February 2023, the Youth Council ran the “Making Your Mark Oldham” survey, which saw 8,276 votes from Oldham’s Young People aged 11 to 18 voting on regional matters, and 8,257 on local issues, leading to an overall turnout of 34.2% of all 11 to 18 year olds in the borough.

Cost of Living came out as a top regional issue, with 2,564 votes, or 31% of all regional issue votes casted.

Based off this result, we began designing a motion to Oldham Council regarding this, in October 2023, and in December 2023 we delivered a motion to Oldham Council asking for council departments to donate any unused stationery, given that council departments are being relocated, with councillors unanimously agreeing.

The Donations, and Visions of the Campaign

In February 2024, we received donations of stationary from councillors, alongside £1,000 from Muse, CBRE and Rowan Ashforth Ltd, which is to be used towards school stationary such as notebooks, pens, geometry sets and scientific calculators.

Since February 2024, the Youth Council have been creating plans on how the resources will be distributed to schools across the borough of Oldham, and which resources we are to procure.