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OYC Meeting Minutes – 05/08/20

OYC Meeting Minutes – 05/08/20


Youth Councillors being welcomed into break room.

Tia played “Find the item”.

#StaySafeOldham – Positive Steps, Javed Iqbal

OASIS – Oldham Alcohol Substance Intervention Service, Tier 3 help, support and advice around drugs and substances, working with those up to the age of nineteen, helping young people to ease through issues of/with/associated to taking substances.

OASIS recognises that each young person has different needs, and the voluntary service will ensure that the course is best for the young person (exception is seen if the young people is ordered to attend the service by Magistrates Court).

OASIS also works in conjunction with the sexual health service Brook. OASIS work around harm reduction work. 

Head to Positive Steps’s Facebook page for more information ok how to stay safe! 

OASIS ensures confidentiality but complies with safe guarding, under 13s will have to have their parent’s involved, however under 19’s do not have to unless safeguarding becomes an issue that needs to be addressed.

Events & Trips – Karl

A list of events were given out to the Youth Councillors in attendance of the meeting.

POSH Bites

With new funding from Electricity NW, POSH Bites is moving forward to creating video recourses to discuss different topics surrounding environmental issues, and how they can be tackled.

Each LA involved will gain £300 for their project, and the recourse has to be accessible to young people, and will be on a chosen subject.

Once a topic is chosen, a specialist from Electricity NW will hold a session around the topic to ensure that the information is correct and high standard.

The video is to be short, around two minutes.

The eleven topics to guide choose from are: 

After discussing the list of eleven topics, Oldham has decided to go for Solar Farms.

Officer Elections

We had our officer elections. Candidates standing are Liam H. for Communications, Prem R. and Charlotte C. for Campaigns, Karl E. for Events & Arren M-K. and Amour C. for Well-being. Each officer had one and a half minute speeches and time for questions. After this, voting was open. It is important to note that ReOpen Nominations (RON) are included in this election. The results are:

Liam H. – Communications

Prem R. and Charlotte C. – Campaigns

Karl E. – Events

Arren M-K. – Wellbeing

Well done to those successful and everyone who ran did a tremendous job!


Officers will be meeting every Wednesday before the meeting to discuss.