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Meet the Youth Councillors – Liam Joseph Harris

Meet the Youth Councillors – Liam Joseph Harris

Hey! I am Liam Joseph Harris, a proud member and communications officer for the amazing Oldham Youth Council (definetly not a biased opinion…). My journey on the Youth Council all started with 2016 elections, when a youth worker came into my secondary school and a youth worker came in to talk to the students about the Call for Candidates, which inspired me to run for the elections. I decided for my manifesto to be based on the increasing price of bus tickets, as I am an avid bus rider and was being affected by the raises, and wanting to have them taken down. From this one manifesto, I was extremely lucky to be elected on the Youth Council by my peers. Throughout the time I have already had on the Youth Council, I have had many great opportunities, including the chance to run for the Communications Officer role, which has helped me to increase my helping with the work of the OYC.

The Communications Role is to do with communicating, with the Youth Councillors and the public with such things as minutes and the website development. This role that I currently hold has given me the chance to learn new skills, such as editing a website, and the wonderful art of nagging people with messages until I get a reply.

From the start of my journey in 2016, the amazing opportunities I have had the luxury to experience through the OYC has heavily helped in the development in my character, increasing my confidence and my range in skills, which I am eternally grateful for!

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