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OYC Meeting Minutes – 21/09/2022

OYC Meeting Minutes – 21/09/2022

Meeting Minutes


Fran, the head of the Customer and Digital experience of Oldham Council, joined the
meeting and talked about how councils offer numerous services, and how they obviously
have to communicate with residents for any issues, and how they utilise both telephones/in-
person methods, but also digital methods.

First, Fran showed Youth Councillors a video of multiple residents talking what their experiences
were in communicating with the council, and the delivery of council’s services. After which, Fran showed the youth councillors the plan, where council wants to optimise services for residents, including the way of delivering the service, including points of contact, in order to make the residents happier overall.

Later, Fran talked about what Oldham Council is looking to do moving forward e.g. making communications more transparent and simple and improving services in general.

Additionally, Fran introduced the “Cost of Living Summit” which is a proposed sytem (being debated by leaders) where £3 million of Council funds will go back to residents to aid with the cost of living.


In this segment, Jodie discussed ideas to regenerate Castleshaw to be more sustainable, safer, accessible and more. More on the Castleshaw Project will come in the future, and the full plan (which is not being published here today, due to the project being in its planning stages)


This agenda item was cancelled.


  • Friday the 23rd of September 2022 – 1pm till 4pm – The Oldham Library service are hosting an event to discuss event planning and a local cultural and educational partnership.
  • Monday the 17th of October 2022 – The Green Summit (Greater Manchester) between 09:30 and 14:00. This conference will talk about green policies within Greater Manchester, and is a conference with both adults and youths.


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