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OYC Meeting Minutes – 04/05/22

OYC Meeting Minutes – 04/05/22

Note: A meeting minute posted very late (on 15/06/22)


A representative from Early Break came in for a consultation from the youth councillors. This included:

  1. Asking how young people would ideally want to access the service
  2. What their building should look like / the planned floor plan
  3. Branding, including brand colours as well as a new name

Early break is a free service aimed at young people to provide support regarding drugs, alcohol, sexual health and emotional health & wellbeing.


The NHS asked us to do another consultation where they showed us potential images for their social media campaigns regarding telephone mental health services.


Jonny Wineberg from #WeStandTogether attended our meeting. He was part of many posts in Greater Manchester, including a deputy youth officer of Manchester City Council, in the Greater Manchester interfaith forum etc. #WeStandTogether started in 2015 by the former GM Chief Constable to bring the Jewish & Muslim communities together after the Charlie Hebdo attack (Paris). The #WeStandTogether hashtag however was trending after the 2017 Manchester bombings. 

#WeStandTogether is a charity to celebrate the UK’s diverse communities, and does all sorts of stuff such as anti-discrimination initiatives, difficult dialogues (to discuss issues such as faith, gender & sexuality), hate crime awareness events and responding to community conflicts.

Jonny lead us on to do an anti-discrimination workshop, where we got into groups and did a diversity quiz. This quiz included questions on how many people of a specific category (e.g. of a specific religion or have a protected characteristic) in the world and in Greater Manchester, to try and break our false assumptions. He also gave us some explanation on why this is.

Jonny also mentioned about a £250 grant where the #WeStandTogether gives £250 for someone to arrange something to bring people from different backgrounds together.

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Chris discussed how our Events & Wellbeing officer, Ali, will be taking in suggestions for future events & trips.

The events Chris mentioned included meetings.


Chris talked to the youth councillors about conduct on Council premises.

Prem asked for volunteers to write meeting minutes since he will not be in for some meetings due to GCSEs and other events up until late July or early August. He will however do work remotely such as upload minutes onto this website.

Louie told the youth councillors about Europe day, so raised a bit of awareness about it.