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OYC Meeting Minutes – 20/04/22

OYC Meeting Minutes – 20/04/22

Note: A meeting minute posted very late (on 15/06/22)


The chair started off the meeting with an ice breaker where members of the youth council debated three questions, including “are Jaffa Cakes biscuits or cakes?” and we had to give a justified reasoning on why we picked each side.


We split into groups of three to come up with campaign ideas, including all stakeholders within it, aims and how to deliver it. We then merged into groups of 6 and then groups of 12, and eventually collated the ideas for the aim of reducing racism and xenophobia.


Chris talked about the next 2 events that were occuring.


Jodie asked all youth councillors for opinions on the Oldham Youth service and how this term of OYC has gone.

Later, Chris distributed easter chocolate eggs to the youth councillors present.