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OYC Meeting Minutes – 22/01/20

OYC Meeting Minutes – 22/01/20


No apologies have been recorded so far.

In this meeting, we had guests from Birmingham Youth Council, and outside reviewers as apart of the Oldham Council Peer Review.


To start off the meeting, and to bring in our friends Birmingham Youth Council, we played a game of Kahoot on the topic of 2019.


Independent reviews from different parts of the country came into the meeting to give an honest, non-partial review on the services within Oldham Council.

Within this session, the Youth Councillors were given the opportunity to openly voice their opinions on the devices ran by Oldham Council, the development of Oldham, and what the future looks like from a young persons perspective.


Councillor Sean Fielding has given the Youth Councillor to appoint a representative to be on the newly developed Town Deal Board. It was decided that for those who have put themselves forward, their names would be picked out of a hat. With this, Liam was then chosen to be the Oldham Youth Council member on the Oldham Town Deal Board.


With the events of the summit coming fast at our heels, Chris went through when and where Youth Councillors were required throughout the week. A lot of amazing work has been done behind the scenes, and we can’t wait for all of this to come to light. The Summit occurs from the 8th – 14th of February 2020, starting with a Climate Change Demonstration and concluding with the Youth Mayor’s Ball!

You can find more information about our Summit here!


It is now time again for the Youth Council to elect their next Vice Chair. Before proceedings commenced, a point of change was brought to the Youth Council, and that is to have the Vice Chair come into office from the 1st April, in line with the commencing of the new term of office. This would allow flexibility and consistency within the role switches occurring through Vice Chair, Chair and Youth Mayor. This point of change was voted in by the Youth Council, and will come into effect.

For this Vice Chair election, we had Charlotte as the only standing candidate, and prior to this meeting Youth Councillors were provided with her candidate manifesto for the role. Keeping in line with previous changes to procedure, Charlotte was to still go under a vote due to the addition of Re-Open Nomination (RON).

After a prepared speech and questions coming from the Youth Council, Charlotte was voted in as the next Vice Chair of Oldham Youth Council. This will come into effect on the 1st April 2020.


Reminders of upcoming events and trips were given to Youth Councillors by our Events Officer Karl.


Recently, Chris has put into action an idea he has had about an animation on Mental Health. Using animation to depict Mental Health as an umbrella, the response was greatly received and Youth Councillors loved the idea and the animation. This led to the discussion of using the yellow umbrella to signify to young people that an establishment has trained staff that would be able to discuss personal mental health.

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