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OYC Meeting Minutes – 08/01/20

OYC Meeting Minutes – 08/01/20


Apologies – Isaac, Isabelle, Leah, Afsana


Oldham Council are having a peer review on their services, and Oldham Youth Council were preparing for their session, so they could showcase the amazing work that has previously occurred, and the staff members OYC has previously worked with. Whilst we had to scratch our brains for some, a very extensive list on the previous work of OYC and the previous staff members we have collaborated with.


In the second week of February (8th-14th), Oldham Youth Council are hosting a summit on a variety of issues that affect young people – with the summit being called Over To Youth! Within this session, the Youth Councillors looked at and approved the logos that had been designed for the events, including the logo for the Youth Mayor’s Ball. Throughout this week, different groups will be invited to sessions facilitated by a variety of people to raise awareness and discussion on different topics, these topics being Climate Change, Knife Crime and Mental Health.


The Youth Council collectively looked through the different categories of the 2020 UK Parliament Awards, and had a discussion on the different categories to see if anyone within our network would fit great for a nomination.


Events and Trip reminders were given out to Youth Councillors.


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