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OYC Meeting Minutes – 28/06/2023

[1]: Welcome & Apologies (lead by Chair) [2]: Oldham Pledge (lead by Suzy Chapman) [3]: Spill The Tea Campaign (lead by Prem & Tom (MYPs)) [4*]: Break [5]: Motion to Full Council (lead by Chris) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 28/06/2023


Suzy and Lorna from the Oldham Pledge came to the youth council to ask for help regarding the Oldham Pledge. They would like a relaunch to the scheme, however they want to change the model and make it more better for the young people. They mentioned that the pledge seems outdated, yet wanted by Oldham business and leaders. The Oldham pledge is used by employers in Oldham as well as colleges, so that they understand the candidate, and know their achievements with evidence on what exactly they have done.

The Oldham Pledge is a way for young people from infants to high school log everything that they do in and out of school, and log in their activities under the appropriate headings. There are currently 14 headings, on things such as attending sporting and creative events, and to contribute to environmental sustainability.

They also mentioned that the aim of the pledge is to improve employability, and to make young people to recognise that doing some extracurricular activities is good and develop important life skills. They want Oldham young people to be as employable as they can, and to have added value besides any academic qualifications.

They handed all attendees the current Oldham Pledge passports, including the Infants, KS1, KS2 and the KS3 + KS4 passport and asked youth councillors, in small groups, what their thoughts are, what could be done to make them better, and how we can allow it for post-16. Youth councillors noted their general opinions and discussed with Lorna and Suzy on their views.


On Tuesday the 26th of September, Amanda wants to set up a careers event, and as she realises that career fairs are done from an adult’s perspective, but recognises that young people believe there should be some things present that aren’t, hence consulted youth counciillors. The current plan includes inviting colleges, sixth forms, training providers and employers. She also stated she used suggestions from the recent Good Employment Week event on Thursday.

Suggestions made included to bring in the job centre, as many don’t know where to go to find a job, and a suggestion to invite the universities’ admissions departments so that applications could stand out, however Amanda did state GM Higher may be able to do this.

An additional suggestion included to invite Oldham Enterprise Trust, and for inspirational people such as owners of small businesses to attend, alongside colleges who offer T-levels for instance, firms in STEM (such as the NHS) and even other employers who offer Saturday and part-time jobs, such as McDonalds.

Get Oldham Working will also be there, with an additional suggestion leading onto this to invite Oldham Council, and advertise the jobs that are available in the council, both office-based and other jobs.

Amanda also asked whether people at the youth council would be willing to volunteer, and asked if the youth mayor (who will be Charlotte) will be able to attend and make an opening speech.


Prem and Tom, as the MYPs of Oldham, talked about the updates on the BYC campaign ‘Spill The Tea’, which is a campaign to get universal free school meals for all children under the age of 18. This is an idea to help with the costs of living, as well as mental and physical health, as young people would be given a hot meal.

Updates included the fact that one local MP has already been invited to a school, which will be happening in the coming weeks, and another MP being in the process of being invited.


Based off the past priorities meeting, Chris stated that we as Oldham Youth Council have a slot at the next Oldham Council meeting, on Wednesday the 12th of July, on banning disposable vapes, with the summary being sent off and a speech being almost complete.


  1. Wed 05 July 2023 evening, Youth Mayor Making. This is a mandatory meeting for all Youth councillors, with youth councillors being requested to arrive no later than 5:45pm.
  2. Mon 31 July 2023, Beeheard, a group of young people from Greater Manchester who meet on last Monday of the month about mental health. It is about directing what happens in Greater Manchester. Extra attendees required.
  3. Summer 2023, activities where young people can attend workshops to do something positive to society, such as proving how fashionable clothes from charity shops can be, with reward trips. Emails will be sent out to youth councillors in the coming days.
  4. Mon 21 August 2023 till Wed 23 August 2023, the annual Super Resi at Anderton Centre. Emails will be sent out to youth councillors in the coming days.


Chris stated that in the past few meetings we have completed early, and asked if we as a youth council wanted to do anything, whilst also thinking of any other discussions we as a youth council could have on anything that isn’t a major focus, such as transport.

Andrew asked about the progress on disability awareness, to which Chris stated that Barrier Breakers were currently working on something.

Tom asked about adding cost of living crisis to the manifesto of the youth council, and offered to draft something for it and presenting it in a future meeting.

For the remainder time, youth councillors played some small team bonding games.