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OYC Meeting Minutes – 27/07/22

OYC Meeting Minutes – 27/07/22


The chair greeted all Youth Councillors


There were booklets handed out with statistics and plans of what to do about them, including a list of things they were planning to help improve Oldham for young people and families (networking with voluntary sector, setting up children’s centres and improving the digital support available) and asked if it all looked good to us. The Youth Councillors agreed that it looked good.

Then the youth councillors were given a list of goals that had been set for Oldham (for everything from better and more affordable transport to all city regions to the ability for everyone to get stable and well payed jobs) and asked to critique them, which was done on paper and taken in. The youth councillors did the same for a set of more specific goals surrounding the categories mentioned and pointed out any gaps we thought we present.

Additionally, we were asked to do something surrounding celebrating young people’s achievements, however that’s something that will either be done in a meeting further down the line or felt with by someone else.


This agenda item was cancelled, due to the previous item overrunning.


Youth Councillors were told which events and trips were on.

Jodie went around the room and asked all of the youth councillors, and asked who they thought the key decision makers were in young people’s lives. This data was gathered to be relayed in a meeting with Councillor Eddie Moores.