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OYC Meeting Minutes – 12/12/18

OYC Meeting Minutes – 12/12/18



Apologies:- Hfsa A., Steffany M., Katie R.


Robbie Cowbury from Real Change campaign. This campaign, kicking off in Manchester, surrounds homelessness. The premise of the campaign is to help people help homelessness, donate money to take to partners that try to change things for the homelessness.

Starting off the discussion, Robbie questioned the Youth Councillors with “Why do you think people become homeless?”. Ideas such as debt lead the discussion to why do people get in debt. These questions allowed the Youth Councillors to express their ideas on homelessness. Robbie drew the question to a close by saying he believes one of the biggest reason for homelessness is ‘poverty’, especially in an economy where it is hard to get a job.

The discussions developed, allowing many Youth Councillors to express their views on different aspects on homelessness, and how it can affect someone’s life/future.

The discussions led to group work, with three quick fire questions. The groups discussed the questions presented, and feedback was given to Robbie which hopefully helps with the consultation.


In a previous discussion in a meeting, Jodie out the idea across to write the other members of Oldham’s Youth Voice Family into the OYC Constitution, allowing them to gain the same rights OYC has from the consultation, like putting a motion to full Council. Examples were made in the meeting of the benefits for all parties, and it was later voted for unanimously by those who attended the meeting of 12/12/18. This change was signed off by the Chair, Vice Chair and Communications Officer (Secretary), making the change official.


The first meeting in 2019 (09/01/19) for Oldham Youth Council will have Sean Fielding (Leader of Oldham Council) attending. This is a great opportunity for youth councillors to meet the leader of the council, for Sean to meet the youth councillors and learn about the work that OYC does. The full Meeting will be dedicated to him, no other agenda items will take place on 09/01/19. Youth Councillors will have the chance to ask questions, however questions will be sent to him prior to the meeting, allowing Sean to prepare for the questions and maximise the experience for both parties.


Every year Youthforia has awards at the annual residential, nominated prior. This year, there are eight awards, and Youth Councillors are asked to go to a Youth Worker for help with the nomination.

The categories are:-

  • Best Environmental Project 2018
  • Best Social Action Project 2018
  • Best Creative Campaign of 2018
  • Making Connections Award 2018
  • Young Community Champion 2018
  • Inspirational Young Person of the Year
  • Inspirational Youth Worker of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement of the Year

The application form has the details for each category, the requirements for them to be considered for the award and can be accessed through the Youthforia North West Facebook group or a staff member.


Ibrahim Hussain from Oldham has been doing amazing charity work recently, raising money for many local charities around Oldham, aiming to help many people. Ibrahim didn’t know if he would still be alive today, and started giving away his toys last year to those who needed them. Fortunately, Ibrahim is still alive today, and focuses on helping others any way he can. For this amazing work, OYC has nominated Ibrahim for the BYC Award Young Campaigner(s) of the Year, and has successfully been shortlisted for the award!


The events and trips for the end of 2018 and start of 2019 were given to youth councillors.

Reminder – OYC and OTW are commencing the Listen to the Earth trip for 2019 mid January to Poland. This means staff members might not be available, and events may be with staff members you haven’t worked with before.