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OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/03/18

OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/03/18


Apologies :- Katie W., Sarah N., Nathan W., Jade C.

The meeting began with Samah’s Lightning Talks, but due to it being mocks week, all three lightning talks for this meeting were postponed from the next meeting (21/03/18).



Jonathan Burbridge and a team from Positive Steps came in to talk about Work Placements in and around Oldham and Work Experience in Oldham. Work Experience was the top issue in the 2018 Make Your Mark scheme for Oldham, meaning work experience is a very high issue for Young People in Oldham, showing they want the experience in a workplace to allow them a better chance of getting a job in the future. Jonathan gave the Youth Council an insight on the changes in the employment business, how Oldham stacks up to the national statistic and the increasing popularity of Zero Hour Contracts – Contracts that mean you are not needed to work a fixed hour each week, meaning flexibility – with young people. Positive Steps talked about Work Experience in schools, and how they are allowing schools in Oldham to send students on a one week course on a Work Placement Scheme, allowing them to get an insight into what occurs in a workplace, however my all schools in Oldham are allowing their students to take place in this scheme. Positive Steps have asked for cooperation with Oldham Youth Council to get more young people into work experience, allowing them better chance at getting a job in the future.



The Oldham Youth Councillors Hub is a way for Youth Councillors to gain information, contact staff members and Youth Councillors with leadership/regional/officer roles, get dates for events and see tips from posts. In preparation for the New Term of Office, Liam has asked Youth Councillors to look at the website and give feedback through the message us section.



Due to the first meeting being an introduction meeting, Shariq and Jess will be giving an update at the next meeting, giving time for more information and details to be given out to Youth Councillors.



The new Youth Councillors are going to be starting their term of office soon, and the first meeting is important to introduce them to the Youth Council. Instead of having this over one meeting, it was suggested that the introduction meeting is stretched over two meetings, allowing more youth councillors to experience the introduction.



Oldham Youth Council’s next motion to Full Council is on Smoking and Vaping, which will be took by Shariq and Roshni.



The 10-11th of March has the Body Painting Event, where Members of OYC and OTW are being painted into the background of images, representing the issues young people have with mental health.



Maggie Kufeldt, the Executive Director of Health and Well-being in Oldham is sadly leaving Oldham Council, and Jodie has asked for phrases that represent Maggie, and these will be used around a portrait of Maggie, drawn by Chaney.



Events and Trips were given out in the meeting.




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