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OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/02/18

OYC Meeting Minutes – 07/02/18


Apologies :- Katie W., Joe H., Steff M., Paige T.




Kay Knox has come into the Youth Council to talk about Dementia Buddy, a Guardian Angel Project that helps people with Dementia to get help when in need. Through the use of NFC, a message is able to be read by a passer by allowing them to get help for the person with dementia. Kay has come here to raise the information, throughout Oldham, about dementia and the Dementia Buddy scheme. Having the Police on board, an Ex-Mayor of Wigan has asked for this information to be passed on to everyone, to make this known to people with dementia so they are able to get in the scheme, and the passers by so they know what to do when in a similar situation. Kay and her husband also runs a Dementia Buddy café to create a safe place for people with dementia and their carers. Kay stressed the importance of the café for the carers is due to people with dementia not having conversation. Asking for volunteers for extra support, Kay has expressed how young people’s support can make all the difference. Amber has expressed how she would love to come in one time and teach some of the women how to keep their skin clean, which could make them happier. The message on the NFC field is : My name is [name]. I need help. Please ring [number] (Programmed to every person specifically). The NFC field is £5 and is in the form of a wristband, key ring, badge or a bag/zip tag. Names and details were taken for those who would like to help out with one of the café sessions, with Amber giving the idea of OYC having a road trip to the café, allowing all of us to have a look at the session.




2018’s Vice Chair Elections had Jade C., Katie R. and Nathan R. as the three candidates. All candidates gave emotional and passionate speeches on why they should be the next Vice Chair. After their speeches and some very intriguing questions, the votes were placed. Due to the variety in speeches this year, with the clear passion behind each speech, Chris had decided to release the results, which were 7:6:6 with Jade C. being the overall winner and proceeding on as the new Vice Chair of OYC!




GMYCA has made the requirement of the initial groups to have one female representative, and one male representative. In this election was Jess C. and Shariq A. . As these two people were the only Youth Councillors present who wanted to go for the role and they each of them filled the requirement stated above, it was unanimously decided that Jess and Shariq will be OYC’s GMYCA representatives for 2018/19!




Engaging Libraries is a project that is starting in Oldham Library which is around social anxiety and mental health issues faced by young people. It has been if people are able to attend any of the five sessions, with anyone from the Oldham Youth Voice Family (OYC, BB, CICC) being urged to go.




Amber held a Campaign Workshop for Youth Councillors to help them plan for a campaign, making sure that it will be a success, completing its purpose. Working in teams, the Youth Council had to create a campaign surrounding the Women’s Week, and seeing the purpose of the campaign, and the small, medium and big effect this campaign should have, benchmarks to measure the progress of the campaign.




Katie gave a reminder and some more dates of events that Youth Councillors are/can attend.