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Meet The Youth Councillors – Khadija Akhtar-Ali

Meet The Youth Councillors – Khadija Akhtar-Ali

Hello. My name is Khadija Akhtar-Ali and I am the Leader of Anti-Discrimination and the Multimedia Officer for the Oldham Youth Council. I joined Oldham Youth Council (OYC) because I was recommended by a teacher at my school. I was always a person who wasn’t afraid to speak their mind, if necessary, or to speak up for others; and so joining OYC allowed me to do these things. As well as that, I am a person who can recognise if change is needed, and OYC is a great platform to get your voice heard, and be a part of the process of change, which makes you feel like you’re doing something significant.

In OYC, I have two officer roles. One is the leader of our Anti-Discrimination campaign. The idea of the campaign is to promote tolerance and understanding, and hopefully resulting in the reduction of discrimination in Oldham. To tackle discrimination, OYC have created films, posters, a pack to distribute and educate students about discrimination, as well holding a conference after a visit to Auschwitz Birkenau, which was used to promote tolerance and understanding.

As well as that, I am the Multimedia Officer. My job here is to create the media content for the Oldham Youth Council, with the help of my fellow councillors. We have created posters, films, (with the camera that I never go anywhere without) and we hope to create more content soon.

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