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OYC Meeting Minutes – 02/08/17

OYC Meeting Minutes – 02/08/17


Apologies from Saadiqah B., Khadija A., Brandon G., Jess C., Sarah N., Samah K.

Amber started of the meeting with ‘Guess the Councillor’ activity.



Attendees of the second meeting for Votes at 16 Bill planning gave feedback to the Youth Council about the plans and discussions that have developed in said meeting. After listening to the feedback, the Youth Council was split into three groups to gather ideas for campaigning the Vote At 16 bill and how to execute them.



Laura Mulholland came into the meeting to talk to the Youth Council about a project idea and asked for some feedback. The specific feedback related to activities that should occur for the older children in the Oldham community, through a developing project called R.I.S.E. U.P. Dance, with the project working alongside the Arts Award. The aim of this project is to use different style of arts, one main style being dance, to express different issues that affect young people, examples being Cyber Safety, Substance Misuse, Mental health and building healthy relationships. After gaining feedback from the Youth Council, a questionnaire was then given out to gain overall feedback for the Sports Development Proposal.



Jade C. gave feedback to the Youth Council about what happened at the Youthforia Northwest Annual Sitting , about the different workshops and panels that occurred. Through one of the panels, Jim McMahon MP gave information to the northwest MYP’s about the Votes at 16 bill. Throughout the weekend, there were debates around subjects such as; Give young people a better voice, students should always have a say on curriculum changes. A discussion began talking about the grade to level on GCSE/A Level change, about the pass level changing with the majority of the grades. Other topics debated include; Compulsory teaching of the Human Rights act in PSHE, The freedom to gain employment, more choices of food especially in schools, improving health care services, protect LGBT community, tougher stance and action on female genital mutilation, consult young people on regeneration projects, make the invisible visible, work experience hub for 11 to 18 year olds, create more green spaces to grey faces. The Youth Council unanimously voted on supporting the topics; Support for young Carers, Extend transition period for examination reforms, Coping with exam stress, Freedom to gain employment, Improving Healthcare services for young people, Protect LGBT+ People, Tougher Stance and Action on Female Genital Mutilation, Consult young people in regeneration projects, Make the invisible visible, Work experience hub for 11 to 18 year olds.



The Youth Council were asked questions for statements to be used with the Participation Charter Consultation. The questions that were asked upon the Youth Council consisted of;

  • What does it mean to you to be involved in decision making?
  • What does the youth council mean to you?
  • Why should young people be involved in decision making?
  • What do adults need to know if they are going to involve young people in decision making?
  • What have you gained by being involved in the Youth Council and in decision making processes?



Dates for your diaries were given out to youth councillors.



Nathan R. explained about having a meeting with the Operations Manager of Young Healthy Minds about increasing the existing relationship with them and asked what the Youth Council what they wanted from this relationship

Jade C. mentioned about Stockport Youth Council wanting to do a Youth Councillor swap for a day.