CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 19.09.18

Welcome to our meeting 

STARS – Stars in Our Eyes event will be taking placing on the 5th October, young people went through the outline for the STARS event. They discussed the current proposed way of running the event and what will happen. All young people happy about getting involved and the way it will run more or less finalised.

Whitehall Take Challenge – Young person put them self forward to take part in this, another young person explained that it is Take Over Day down at Whitehall and what a fantastic opportunity it is. 

Care Leavers GM Meeting – Reiterated about the meeting on Thursday 20th in Manchester for the young people that are taking part.

Corporate Parenting Development Day – Young people to put together an action plan for the day, this means that all the tasks to do beforehand are clear. The agenda has been put together of how the day will run and what will happen. Young people designed summary report sheet for the corporate parenting panel to be able to do a young person friendly summary report. 

Thank you all for attending.