The Pledge

This is Oldham Councils’ pledge to Looked after Children in Oldham, this pledge was made after consulting with the Children in Care Council. The Children in Care Council felt that the pledge should  outline what support childen and young people in care and leaving care can expect from their corporate parents. 

The Pledge is a set of promises to respect you as an individual, regardless of anything, and support you on your journey to be a resilient and confident person. The pledge is based on different aspects of Looked after Children’s and care leavers life and how the Corporate Parent will ensure that they are supported in every aspect of their life. The Pledge is for Looked after Children aged 0 – 21 years.

The pledge is part of Oldham Council’s commitment to give Looked after Children and care leavers the best opportunities they can have in life. It covers everything for our Looked after Children and Care Leavers and how we want to put them at the centre.

You can look at the Pledge below:


the pledge