Care Leavers Guarantee GMCA Meeting

On Thursday 20th September members from our Children in Care Council travelled to Manchester to meet with other local authorities part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority meeting on the current offer for Care Leavers. 

The meeting consisted of young people talking about their views and opinions about what the care leavers offer should look like. Young people spoke about Health and Well being, Education, Employment and Training, Accommodation, Financial support and shared good practises that local authorities already do to support care leavers. 

Young people discussed all the different topics and talked about the barriers and challenges that care leavers face. Gemma and Steve that ran the meeting were excellent in listening to all the young people and questioning what was important for our care leavers. 

The views and opinions gathered from this meeting are to go to a board meeting with all Director’s of Children’s services from all 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester. 

Young people thoroughly enjoyed this meeting and reiterated how the care leavers offer should be the same in all local authorities no matter where they live/decide to move to once they leave care. 

Thank you to young people that attended.

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