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OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/11/2023

[1]: Welcome & Apologies (lead by Chair) [2]: GM Tech ED (lead by Kevin Scholey) [3]: First Choice Homes ASB Policy (lead by Lauretta Rothery) [4*]: Break [5]: Make Your Mark; Local Issues (lead by Chair) [6]: Events and Trips (lead by Chris) [7]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/11/2023


Kevin, an employee of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, led a discussion focused on streamlining pathways to further education beyond the conventional GCSE – A-Level – University trajectory.

During the presentation, Kevin introduced a website ( providing detailed information on various careers. However, he acknowledged its text-heavy nature. Subsequently, he presented another website developed by the GMLPN edition, currently undergoing testing and construction. This alternative featured less text but offered a more interactive experience. Kevin sought feedback from the youth councillors on whether they found the GMLPN version more beneficial and in which aspects it excelled or fell short.

In addition to the online platforms, Kevin showcased a poster and paper copy containing information on specific areas, such as engineering, providing a tangible reference point for the discussion.

To gather insights, Kevin distributed a survey for the youth councillors to complete, further enriching the discussion with their perspectives.


Amanda and Adele, representatives from First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO), outlined their role as an organization owning social housing primarily in the borough of Oldham. They clarified that their primary function is to provide housing to applicants who apply for social housing through the Oldham Council.

During their presentation, they emphasized the ongoing revision of their anti-social behavior policy, recognizing its increasing significance. The policy, still in its draft stage, was shared with the youth councillors on Monday.

To engage the youth councillors in the policy update process, Amanda and Adele initiated a discussion by seeking their perspectives on what constitutes anti-social behavior. They asked for input on how certain behaviors should be classified, using the example of a group of people walking around, prompting consideration of what actions within such a scenario should be labeled as anti-social behavior and what should not. This collaborative approach aimed to gather valuable insights from the youth councillors in shaping the policy to better reflect community expectations and concerns.


The upcoming Make Your Mark initiative in 2024 was highlighted during this section of the meeting. The survey, which will feature 10 national issues and 10 local issues, prompted a discussion on determining the 10 specific local issues that would be most relevant and impactful for our community.

The British Youth Council (BYC) has already published the national issues, providing a framework for consideration. However, the focus was on creating distinct local headings, ensuring that our concerns are uniquely represented. The goal is to foster a more nuanced understanding of the specific challenges and priorities within our community.

To facilitate this process, it was proposed that, leading up to Christmas, each participant should brainstorm approximately 20 ideas for local issues. Subsequently, these ideas would be put up for a vote to collectively narrow down the list to the top 10 priorities. This collaborative approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of potential issues and ensures that the final selection is representative of the collective voice and concerns of the group.


  • NetZero Event: November 25th, Salford University.
  • Reindeer Parade Fundraiser for Oldham Mayor’s Charity Fund: November 25th.
  • Overview and Scrutiny Panel: Originally scheduled for tomorrow, now cancelled.
  • “Me, Myself, and I” Domestic Abuse Awareness Event: November 29th at QEH, all day.
  • Oldham Theatre Workshop Presentation – “Strike” Musical: December 2nd, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


Zaynab and Hamza: in 2 weeks, they are filming some video to help put new youth councillors at ease and learn more about the current process.

Chris: as a youth service, they are noticing young people want to discuss conflicts. There is no time in the meetings to discuss all of this, or take into account peoples opinions. He asked if there should be time to discuss.