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OYC Meeting Minutes – 06/09/2023

[1]: Welcome & Apologies (lead by Chair) [2]: UKYP Annual Conference (lead by Tom) [3]: Making Your Mark Oldham (lead by Chris) [4*]: Break [5]: Corners of the Mind (lead by Isaac & Penelope) [6]: Elections (lead by Chris) [7]: Events and Trips (lead by Dayna) [8]: AOB (lead by Chair)

OYC Meeting Minutes – 06/09/2023


One of our MYPs, Tom, went to the UKYP Annual Conference in the end of July. Here he mentioned two things he learned other MYPs nationally did and wanted to see if OYC would like to do these. This includes one MYP getting all schools in their local authority to provide free sanitary products. Chris however pointed out most schools in Oldham do via their school nurse / reception, and non-profits such as “The Red Box Project” already provide them to schools for free. Another point Tom raised, which links with our cost of living priority, is to get more food box donations from schools. It was suggested here that we could get a local business to donate a box for collections at schools.


After our recent “Making Your Mark Oldham” survey in February, a report has been generated. In this section, youth councillors were asked to check the report before being endorsed by Oldham Youth Service, and posted online. The final report will come soon.


In the priorities meeting last week (Wed 30 Sep 2023), youth councillors discussed ideas generated from the residential about our mental health priority, in particular the “Corners of the Mind Walk Through Experience”, which is a projected event OYC will host in February / March, aimed at Years 11 and 13, to highlight different ways to relieve stress. In this event, there will be 4 rooms, which are visited in the order: social, mindful, creative and physical.

The social section will bring people together and break the ice before visiting the next rooms, since some of the next rooms may require people to partner / group up. The subsequent room is planned to be the mindful room, which shows attendees ways to be calm, and may include yoga, candles and other ways to be at peace. This will be followed by the creative area, enabling attendees to make stuff (such as grass weaving or origami) or do stuff (such as drama). The final room will be the physical area, which involves any physical activity, such as with gym equipment or even axe throwing.

Note that the actual contents of each room are not decided yet due to there not being any checks for financial feasibility. This workshop will be discussed in priorities meetings from now, with the other main campaign, on smoking and vaping, being discussed in main meetings.


OYC elections will take place in November / December, with a call for candidates being done from September. Youth workers will go into schools and offer workshops on manifesto writing should a school want that.

Additionally, by October the youth council needs to decide who will be automatically turned over to the next term of office. Our constitution states we can roll over up to 25 youth councillors, which must include the youth mayor, chair, vice chair, MYPs, DMYPs and GMYCA representatives. Those who do not get rolled over will be allowed to run for re-election, and will end their term in December 2022 unless re-elected.


  • Sat 09 Sep 2023, 9am to 4pm – BYC Annual Conference Meeting. An online conference which will involve electing trustees and other BYC business.
  • Sat 09 Sep 2023, 9:30am to 4:30pm – YouthForia. No more places are available for this.
  • Sat 09 Sep 2023, all day – The Oldham Way Challenge. A fundraiser for the mayor’s charity.
  • Mon 11 Sep 2023, 7pm to 9pm, Mayor’s Chamber – The Mayors Charity Commitee. Barry and his team are struggling for ideas for fundraising, and would like more ideas from younger people.
  • Thu 14 Sep 2023, evening – Overview and Scrutiny. This is the children and young people panel on vaping and reducing it. No more places are available for this.
  • Tue 26 Sep 2023, 3pm to 7pm, QE Hall – Youth Employment event. Amanda Youlden from Oldham Council is holding an event about apprenticeships and part time jobs. OYC have been asked to host a stall.


  • Ying mentioned that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have an event on Mon 02 Oct 2023 on food poverty and hidden hunger. If anyone wants to help with this event, and go to the EWG event every Monday in September 2023, they should contact Penelope or Ying to be involved.
  • Chris mentioned the Beeheard meeting on Monday the 25th September 2023.