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OYC Meeting Minutes – 16/11/2022

OYC Meeting Minutes – 16/11/2022


Charlotte (chair) began the meeting mentioning the conduct of young people in meetings be better, for example not always being on phones or talking to other people, due to it seeming disrespectful to guest speakers and it interrupting the flow of the meeting, as it may be harder to hear/follow what is going on.


Chris talked about group messages (e.g. the unofficial Snapchat group chat), and how it has caused issues, including people falling out, content of messages not being appropriate to all ages in the group chat, and safeguarding issues, such as large age gaps. Chris therefore requests that there should not be any unofficial OYC group chats due to these safeguarding issues, and that all communication should be done via official mediums only. Please note that youth councillors have every right to have their own friendship group chats, within reasonable limits (e.g. age range).

In addition to this, these unofficial groups are not good for OYC’s reputation.


Chris updated us on Make Your Mark. Chris discussed the BYC changes, stating the official Make Your Mark would occur every other year (so will the House of Commons sitting). Chris has stated that BYC have confirmed they are looking at transitioning so every local authority does two year terms. However, YouthImpact (another organisation contracted by the UK government for Youth Voice) may also get the full contract meaning that there may be different changes.

Chris proposed that our vote to change MYP terms from 1 year to 2 years in Oldham is to be deferred to February.

Additionally, BYC will not run a national Make Your Mark, meaning that Oldham will run a local Make your Mark, as it is important information to Oldham Youth Council, Oldham Council alongside other organisations in Oldham such as NHS. This Make your Mark however will only include local issues alongside a North-West wide issues, as North West local authorities agreed that they would like to do a local Make your Mark.

Chris therefore asked for Youth Councillors to come up with a list of twenty local issues (due by January) which is to be cut down to ten issues, and a few North-West wide issues (due in advance of the next YouthForia, Sunday the 4th of December). In the end Make your Mark, there should be 10 local issues and 5 or 10 North-West issues (dependent on the results of YouthForia).

Youth Councillors went into groups, who listed all of the regional issues they believe there are in the North West alongside local issues they believe there are in Oldham, which was later collated by Chris. The local issue list has not yet been compiled, as the regional list is a priority as it must be debated at the next YouthForia, which will occur in December.


Dayna checked for people doing the Secret Santa.

Youth Councillors who signed up for this but did not attend this meeting will be emailed soon stating who you have.


Hamza told us about Oldham Youth Council and our perspective on social media.

Notice: more information is to follow on this. It will be updated here.


  • YouthForia, Sunday 4th December 2022, now in Oldham
  • w/c Friday the 9th of December 2022, interviews interviewing new Youth Work staff.
  • Poland trip in February, Chris has emailed all applicants on whether they have been successful or not.


There is a Reindeer Parade in Oldham, on Saturday the 26th of November from 12pm to 1:30pm. Please email Dayna if you are interested.

OYC will be moving to Met Place (opposite Sainsburys), expected in the first weeks of January. Youth councillors will be emailed about information on how to get involved in the new building e.g. decorations