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OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/05/19

OYC Meeting Minutes – 15/05/19


Apologies :- Katie R., Megan B., Isabelle A.


Andy Mycock from the University of Huddersfield has come into the meeting to consult with OYC on Votes at 16. It has been decided that lowering the voting age to sixteen is inevitable, however the time at which it is lowered is now being discussed.

The meeting was split into two focused groups, each discussing different aspects of the Votes at 16 campaign, the benefits, drawbacks and what would need to be implemented so that the country as a whole, and the young people, are ready to start voting in elections.

Interesting discussion points came up within the two groups, such as how political education should come from everyone, a societal point of view, along as other points. These discussions aim to help Andy and his colleagues to understand where the country is at this point with accepting Votes @ 16, which has been classes as inevitable, and how young people believe it should be implemented.


The Crisis Care Pathway, a new GM service connected with CAHMS, will be launching soon for all areas in Greater Manchester. The aim of this pathway is to offer the right support to young people dealing with a mental health crisis, at the right time and being able to keep them out of hospital. Hannah McConville from the project came into the meeting to introduce herself, give information about the scheme to OYC, how it will work, and educating the Youth Councillors on what they can do with this service, and how they can recomend this service to others.

If you would like to see a full breakdown on what this service would offer, such as a 24/7 phone line for young people experiencing a mental health crisis, visit the NHS website –


Samah, for her Youth Mayor year, has mentioned that she would like to do interfaith talks within schools, which was agreed with within the meeting. Samah has also had a request to compile an itinerary of what she would like to do/happen within her year as Youth Mayor.