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OYC Meeting Minutes – 23/11/16

OYC Meeting Minutes – 23/11/16


The first part of the meeting was taken up by Question Time event in Council Chambers.


Hashim, Nianna, Nazmul, Ge, 

Anti-bullying pack

Chris told youth councillors that the anti bullying posters are being printed in manchester and reminded youth councillors of the pack we were going to make with it. Jade Katie and Nathan  planned this on takeover day  and Chris showed the completed pack to be ‘youth-proofed’. He then showed us the presentation that will be shown with it for Youth councillors to approve.  The presentation showed the posters individually with the definition next to it ending with a quiz. Youth councillors tested the quiz out. Youth councillors then went through the pack in groups and then Chris brought everyone together to go through the pack together.Youth councillors pointed out things that needed changing. Chris then took vote stating with revisions are youth councillors happy with the pack. The vote was unanimous -yes. Dayna had an idea to do the mannequin challenge in groups of 7 – each group doing a different type of bullying.

Amber proposed a ten minute break.

After break jodie talked to the youth council about the last full council meeting being on 7th december and the long standing tradition of singing carols