Call for candidates

Are you aged 11-21? Do you live, work or go to school/college in Oldham? Here’s 5 reasons why you should stand in our elections

A week ago we learnt a new word…

filibuster verb [ I or T ] /ˈfɪl.ɪ.bʌs.tər/ to make a long speech in order to delay or prevent a new law being made Available from: We also lost a little bit of faith inContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes 08/11/17

WELCOME Apologies:- Nathan R., Branden G., Katie R., Eden W., Khadija A., Amber started off the meeting with the ‘Guess the Councillor’ Game. TAMESIDE, OLDHAM AND GLOSSOP (TOG) MIND Nicola from TOG Mind to talkContinue reading

Private Members Bill No.9

Votes as 16 has been a strong subject expressed by the Youth in Oldham, and in England. Allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote in general elections, private members billA bill that is wonContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes 25/10/17

WELCOME Apologies :- Afsana K., Joe H., Nazmul I., Alex R., Roshni P. Amber started off the meeting with the ‘Guess the Councillor’ ice breaker. KOOTH.COM Claire came into the Youth Council to talk aboutContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 11/10/17

WELCOME Apologies: Katie W., Alex R., Joe H., Jess C., Jasmine R., Nazmul I. Amber started off the meeting with the ‘Guess the Councillor’ game. LSCB – PRIORITIES STEERING GROUP Chris talked to the YouthContinue reading

OYC Meeting Minutes – 27/09/17

WELCOME Apologies – Amber P., Jessica W., Brandon G., Alex R., Jade C., Jess C., Jake S., Afsana K., Melissa D. Samah opened the meeting with the ‘Guess the Councillor’ Ice Breaker. COUNTER TERRORISM JoContinue reading


Every 6 weeks, a motivated and dedicated group of young people from the 23 regions of the North West, aged 11-18, meet at an event named YouthforiaAn organisation in which youth councillors from the NorthContinue reading