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Jargon Buster

This is a dictionary of words that the definitions are commonly unknown to Youth Councillors. Words in the description that are red means that there is a description for that word in this dictionary too!


Apolitical – This means that the group/organisation/individual holds no party political views. The OYC is an apolitical organisation.

BYC – British Youth Council – A Youth Lead organisation representing 11-18 year olds across Great Britain.

Constitution – Fundamental principles that an organisation follows.

Consultation – Consultation is when members of an organisation gather information/feedback from members of the public or group on a project or scheme.

Debate – A debate is when two parties discuss a statement, with one side for the statement given, and one against. Each party gives points on why they stand where they do on the statement, trying to create a convincing argument to win the debate.

DMYP – Deputy Member of Youth Parliament – The Deputy Member of Youth Parliament is the first year of a two year role, which allows the elected members to learn about the role and step in for the MYP when needed. To be elected as DMYP, you have to be within the age bracket of 11-18, due to this role linking in with the BYC.

In-zine – The termly online magazine which is sent out to schools in Oldham, updating them on subjects such as elections and MYM.

GMYCA – Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority –

GMYCA Representative – The elected members from each LA that represent their LA in GMYCA meetings.

LA – Local Authority/Area – The local area’s council/authority or the local area in which the youth inhabit.

Motion to Full Council – A motion to full council is when members of the Youth Council attend a full council meeting and discuss an issue which affects the youth of an LA.

MP – Member of Parliament – A member of parliament is an elected member which represents a constituency views and concerns to the Government and in Parliament.

MYM – Make Your Mark – A Nationwide campaign that gathers information on what is important to the youth of the United Kingdom. The ten issues are decided by members of the UKYP.

MYP – Member of Youth Parliament – The Member of the Youth Parliament is the second year of a two year role (suceeding the DMYP role), elected members represents the LA they were elected in Youthforia and in the yearly Houses of Parliament.

OYC – Oldham Youth Council – Oldham’s Council for the Youth of Oldham, representing their views and concerns to the Oldham Council, Youthforia NW, the BYC and the UKYP.

PMB – Private Members Bill – A bill that is won by Members of Parliament, which allows them to write a bill that has the possibility to pass through Parliament and become law.

Steering Group – A group that manages (steers) projects and work done for an organisation. One example is Youthforia NW’s Steering Group, which plan all the events occurring at a Youthforia NW Meeting.

Thunderclap – (AKA Clusterbomb) An online software that uses social media profiles to send out a blast message. Users can sign up to be apart of a thunderclap with their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr profiles.

UKYP – United Kingdom Youth Parliament – The Parliament Organisation for MYPs and DMYPs. The UKYP is known for the yearly debate in the Houses of Parliament, in which MYPs attend to debate the top 5 issues, that were voted on in the MYM voting scheme.

Youthforia NW – An organisation in which youth councillors from the North West meet up and work on campaigns and training.

YC – Youth Council – Elected young people who represent the views and concerns of their LA.

Your represented area – This is the area that you represent on the OYC. This area, in the first term of office, is the area in which your school is. This is due to that being the area where you were elected by young people. For example, members of the YC elected from Royton and Crompton School would represent the young people from Royton, Shaw and Crompton.

YP – Young Person – A person that falls under the age bracket of 0-25 years of age. Usually the age range in organisations is classed as 11-18/21. In OYC, the age range is 11-21, with the age extending to 25 for people with disabilities.