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Our Priorities & Campaigns

Since 2006, when the Youth Council was established, an integral part of their work has been to campaign on priorities important to the young people of Oldham.  The Youth Council work hard to identify these priorities, either through the work they carry out such as Make Your Mark or through their own consultation.

Current Priorities

Currently the Youth Council have chosen 2 priorities: Mental Health and Work Experience.

Mental Health

In 2018 the Youth Council work with Oldham Theatre Workshop to devise the Standard Day, mental health training for professionals. This was to give a young persons view of how to engage young people around mental health.

Work Experience

As part of the 2018/19 term of office it was also decided that work experience should be a priority. Our work with the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority has allowed to explore this further and we will post updates as and when we are able.


It was recognised that the Youth Council carries out a lot of work out side of their priority campaigns. This work often comes out of consultations such as Make Your Mark and through opportunities offered by other agencies and decision makers. To allow the Youth Council to carry out this work they created a live manifesto that allows the Youth Council to take a stance on a particular subject without campaigning. This means that when opportunities arise that align with the manifesto we can complete short project work.

Examples of work coming from our manifesto included our involvement in the Real Change Fund, around homelessness. Homelessness was added to the manifesto after it came 2nd in the Make Your Mark 2018.

Coming top in 2018’s Make Your Mark for Oldham was knife crime. This was also added to the manifesto and we are currently putting together a school pack that we will share on here as soon as we have launched.

Our long standing campaign has been Votes at 16. We believe that only by lowering the voting age to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in local and Westminster elections including referendums, can young peoples voice truly be recognised. We have taken the fight to Parliament and the Old Bailey and will keep fighting until a meaningful debate has taken place.

Below are some of our previous campaigns just click on the campaign name to see what the campaign entailed.