London SCIE Visit – What Works Centre Interviews

One young person went to SCIE offices in London to participate in the What Works Centre interviews for the Chair. 

Young people were part of an interview panel which was supported by the SCIE team during the interviews. Young people interviewed each candidate and then at the end of the interview’s were able to have the chance to share with the main interview panel who you think should get the job and why. This is a summary of the day done by our young person who went to London as part of the interview panel. 

Young persons feedback about the visit:

On the 3rd October, I went down to London with one of the youth workers to the SCIE offices to conduct some interviews as part of the children’s panel on behalf of SCIE which is based on improving the lives of young people by sharing knowledge about what works well in social care. We stayed the night over so I could meet 3 other young people who were going to be asking questions with me in five guys and this is where we received our packs that contained the CV’s of the candidates and the questions we would be asking and a note pad to write down any notes. The interviews went really well and we shared our views with the adult panel. I enjoyed be able to have a voice on who should be the one to have the job as they’d be responsible for many children. I feel it’s important that they continue to have children panels as we should always have our views taken into account. Overall, it was a good experience and I’d love to do it again.

Thank you to SCIE for having us. 


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