The Big Think

Tell us what you think about Oldham’s Children’s Social Care and Early Help services.

Oldham Council want to improve their services and to do this they are running a consultation exercise to help them to understand how well children’s social care and early help services are delivered.

Called The Big Think, it is a consultation exercise aimed at children and families, staff and partners including schools, health visitors, school nurses, GP’s, CCG, Police. Being a child or young person it is important that you have a say in the services that affect you and how they are delivered. 

Oldham council want children and young people to think about the key themes, challenges, strengths and ways in which we can improve.  

The online surveys are one of a number of ways we’re gathering information such as focus groups and consultation events. The information we gather will help us to develop a vision and plan for Oldham’s Social Care and Early Help.

Have your say

Please get involved and have you’re say by completing the survey below: 

Thank you for taking part in this. 

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