CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 18.04.18


Kristy who is a Trainee Social worker and Bernie O Brien who is Principal Social Worker came to speak about a mentoring programme where care leavers can mentor/buddy Looked after children. 

The focus could be on education, young offenders, young parents, care leavers – young people aged 9 to 16. One young person explained care ambassadors what it was basically the same as a mentoring scheme but was specifically going to be at a care home to build that relationship with the young people and be that continuous support network for them. Have another session where more young people attend so can discuss the mentoring scheme more. 

Bernie o Brien – Practise standards she is currently writing these for social workers and will take young people’s views and put this in the standards to as Bernie gave her some work young people did on what they expect from social workers.

Kirsty next coming on 16th Wednesday

Welcome pack –young people discussed different terminology, having a pencil case, some stationary and colours in the pack. 

We are looking to do an Annual Care Survey so we can look at the top issues for young people and maybe set priorities for the next year using the results from the survey. 

Young people put suggestions forward on how it should look and what should be in it:

  • Coloured scheme sections
  • Questions not too close together
  • Different styles for different ages
  • Wording – too much jargon not good
  • Wording – look good and have structure
  • Option to be anonymous
  • Competition – lure you to want to do it for the incentive
  • 2 different surveys – younger and older age

We touched on the newsletter but more discussions when more young people attend.

Thank you to those who did attend!

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