CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 11.04.18

Young People agreed the pledge and survey needs to be discussed when other members are present as due to holidays not many young people attended.

Young people discussed the Newsletter;

  • Asked young people if this was a good idea
  • How frequently they would like it – 2 times a year
  • Photos if young people consent
  • Introduction – who we are, what we do, how to get involved, why we do what we do
  • Young voices activities
  • Who we meet up with
  • Interview profiles – so can interview IRO, Social worker, after care worker, resi worker, foster carer, life chance
  • Young people came up with a set of interview questions they would like to ask when interviewing professionals for the newsletter 
  • Interview member of CICC


Visitors in upcoming weeks –

  • Next week – Bernie o brien
  • Week after – Sareta- children’s mental health unit
  • Week after – Jenny IRO

Patsy came in to visit the the young people and discussed that she is currently doing stability strategy would like young people view on stability and if we could create something visual for it so it can be explained about what stability means and why it is important to young people.

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