CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 14.03.18


Welcome to Care Box – Kirsty brought the box in again with alterations and then left it with CICC so we could show the Young Voices group the box and get their views and opinions on what they think so we can look at doing one for the younger age group.

CICC Regional Meeting – Feedback on the meeting about the conference and also the conference report. Young people asked about what they liked about the conference;

  • Having Afghan Dan
  • Venue – Blackpool
  • Doing a lyrical rap with different words/ Jargon buster

Young people discussed what wasn’t so good;

  • Language of being in care – Young people didn’t understand the language even though they are surrounded by that same language
  • Being in same groups – Young people suggested that YP should be split and put amongst different local authorities so they are able to share ideas and views but also meet different people
  • Food – needs to be more options
  • More interactive – Young people suggested that next conference needs to be more interactive and maybe young people need to lead that 
  • More interaction with staff
  • Have the conference run by young people rather than staff doing that so it is totally young person lead
  • Young people felt that other young people should run the workshops and take charge of them rather than staff doing that
  • Young people said the venue – Blackpool was too loud so being more mindful about how loud the microphone is and not having it on so loud

Young people said goodbyes to Maggie and Alice as it was there last meeting – Young people brought cake and so did Maggie! Thank you Maggie for the brownies and cupcakes! 

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