CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 21.03.18


Young people spoke about the ongoing work on the Welcome to care pack and how they want to focus on the younger age. One young person suggested bringing in a book which explains coming in to care and maybe adopting that for the actual pack for the younger age group. 

Young people discussed the different questions about their social care experience that came from the report about the What Works Centre. One young person went to London to be part of the Young People’s panel and put their views and opinions forward about it. A report has been produced and the young people discussed the issues to see if the issues that are national are also same for our young people on a local level. 

Young people discussed next weeks meeting and how they would like to do an art project as part of the discussions and consented to this for next week.

Young people put suggestions that we would have fruit during our breaks and put forward what they want. 

we didnt get the chance to look at the pledge or have any discussions in regards to this so this will be carried forward to the next meeting.

The meeting was very productive lots of discussions with the young people and suggestions to carry forward. Thank you to all who attended. 




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