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CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 16.03.21

A Voice for Oldham's Children Looked After and Care Leavers

CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 16.03.21

Young people discussed with Nancy who is our corporate parenting manager around corporate parenting. Young people discussed what they would like to inform the panel. Young people agreed on Top 3 things they have done over the past year, what they want to work on and their priorities.

Young people discussed the make your mark results for Oldham. Young people said it would make sense to look at this in more detail and have the same/similar priorities. These were domestic violence, mental health and free university. Young people discussed when it comes to domestic violence they would like to explore safe relationships and focus it around that.

Young people discussed the ongoing video project, they updated Nancy and suggested we reach out to more young people to consult with. Discussions around james meeting with another tea/lunch group to discuss and consult with those young people.

Staff and young people spoke about total respect, although we put some preliminary dates in after speaking with the young people we need to re-look in to this. Hopefully we are looking to do these either online or face to face depending on the easing of restrictions.

Thank you to all who attended. A busy meeting as always but young people always get involved and get lots done.

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