CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 17.04.19

Get Oldham Working came to the meeting to speak to young people about the services they offer. Rohema Khan and her colleague spoke with young people about what jobs they would like and if they know how to get them. Young people discussed the current barriers when applying or looking for a job. Rohema said she would organise a CV Writing workshop for the young people to get involved in. Fantastic information for the young people from the Get Oldham Working service. Thank you for coming,

Young people discussed what views and opinions they would like to give to IRO’s part of there development day. Young people put suggestions forward of a good review meeting and a bad review meeting. Young people looking at maybe having prompt cards so they are aware of there rights. Feedback from young people will be taken to IRO’s to be implemented in there training.

The meeting ended by young people discussing and sharing their creative writings. Young people spoke about how they enjoyed it and read their work to everyone.

Brilliant meeting, fantastic feedback from young people. Thank you to all who attended.

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